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  1. I filled mine with 'green stuff' 2 part modeling putty. then sanded, and smoothed, then after my first real fitting cut it all off because it pinched my leg. :-)
  2. he's on the main boards. I believe his name is wally. PM me for his screen name if you're a 501st member.
  3. Tell me about it, I think I was one of the first ATA builds.
  4. Thank you Mike, got mine, very nice of you to do this.
  5. I have never applauded my computer before....that was AWESOME!!!
  6. My spudtrooper has his blaster set to 'Mash'
  7. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect Tony Stark, as a lifelong Iron Man fan, I'm so happy on the choice of actors. I doubt the scripting will suck, as Iron Man has so many good plot lines to follow.
  8. Screen cap from the trailer.... Merry Christmas all... (I'll totally be making Iron Man armor when I get my vac table up!!)
  9. I had to strip a few pieces and repaint them. I let them dry a day or two, then peeled as much as I could with my fingers, then sanded the rest off. Pain in the rump? yes. effective? yes.
  10. According to the production staff I talked to in PA they're taking time off for the holidays, then Asia. They may be doing another US trip next year though.
  11. I already said that I was flattered, but no thanks. I just found it interesting that he wanted only my lid. Figured they sent out a blanket offer to TKs from the 501st site. I have a hard time letting my friends hold my lid, much less sending it off to NYC all by itself.
  12. I got an e-mail from a NYC photo studio requesting to rent my TK lid for a photo shoot, anyone else got an e-mail like this?: Hi Eric, Hope all is well. I am reaching out today because I came across your profile on www.501st.com. I am interested in renting your stormtrooper costume for an upcoming photoshoot. We would need to use only the helmet and any props. We don't need the full costume. We would of course compensate you for using your costume. We are a photography and digital animation studio in NYC. located on 95 canal street. The purpose of this shoot is for the photographers personal portfolio. It will be a closed set, meaning only the model, hair/make-up team, photographer, and myself will be present on set. I assure you that your costumes will be dealt with and handled very carefully. I understand that a lot of time and money has been put into the construction of your costumes. We have worked with many props before and will take full responsibility for any damages. We have worked with Bulgari, MTV, HBO, Everlast, and Coca-Cola to name a few. We are very interested in your costume, and once again only need certain parts of it for this photo shoot. Please let me know if you are willing to rent and at what rate. Thank you, Nasim Nasim Dehghani Producer G M D THREE studio nasim@gmdthree.com www.gmdthree.com 212.226.3653
  13. I was actually thinking about doing Southern Cross MP armor when I get my table up and running. I love Robotech almost as much as I love Star Wars. Heck, when I got married, I played the theme from Rich and Lisa's wedding for the isle procession. I think doing a veritech helmet would be alot easier than a TK lid.
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