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  1. I filled mine with 'green stuff' 2 part modeling putty. then sanded, and smoothed, then after my first real fitting cut it all off because it pinched my leg. :-)
  2. Tell me about it, I think I was one of the first ATA builds.
  3. Thank you Mike, got mine, very nice of you to do this.
  4. I had to strip a few pieces and repaint them. I let them dry a day or two, then peeled as much as I could with my fingers, then sanded the rest off. Pain in the rump? yes. effective? yes.
  5. I already said that I was flattered, but no thanks. I just found it interesting that he wanted only my lid. Figured they sent out a blanket offer to TKs from the 501st site. I have a hard time letting my friends hold my lid, much less sending it off to NYC all by itself.
  6. I got an e-mail from a NYC photo studio requesting to rent my TK lid for a photo shoot, anyone else got an e-mail like this?: Hi Eric, Hope all is well. I am reaching out today because I came across your profile on www.501st.com. I am interested in renting your stormtrooper costume for an upcoming photoshoot. We would need to use only the helmet and any props. We don't need the full costume. We would of course compensate you for using your costume. We are a photography and digital animation studio in NYC. located on 95 canal street. The purpose of this shoot is for the photographers personal portfolio. It will be a closed set, meaning only the model, hair/make-up team, photographer, and myself will be present on set. I assure you that your costumes will be dealt with and handled very carefully. I understand that a lot of time and money has been put into the construction of your costumes. We have worked with many props before and will take full responsibility for any damages. We have worked with Bulgari, MTV, HBO, Everlast, and Coca-Cola to name a few. We are very interested in your costume, and once again only need certain parts of it for this photo shoot. Please let me know if you are willing to rent and at what rate. Thank you, Nasim Nasim Dehghani Producer G M D THREE studio nasim@gmdthree.com www.gmdthree.com 212.226.3653
  7. you mean our user names? Easy, my last name is a long, polish nightmare. Jablonski. I don't think it's hard, but seems alot of people can't pronounce it. So while I was in the army, everyone called me JB. Tack onto that the fact that I was a SGT, and there ya have it. Sgt JB!!
  8. My son Aiden is my third child, and his DOB is 9/14 hence TK-3914
  9. Mike's painting tutorial. Best advice on painting. http://www.vimeo.com/7344079
  10. I advise following Mike's painting guide to the letter. Also, you're going to want to paint in a low humidity environment, ideally in the 60 degree temp range. Also make sure to let it cure a good 5 days to a week for best results.
  11. I'm 6'2" about 190 - 195. I left a little room in the belly, and my kidney and ab plates connect with velcro so it's adjustable, so I don't think you'd have a problem. Dougie, if you keep saying things like that I won't be able to get my helmet on with my inflated head thanks again for the compliments.
  12. I posted this way before I painted my armor, so for me, this is a moot point, however, excellent advice Panda. I went with Rustoleum, and it turned out awesome. I wax it with turtle wax, and the shine after a good polish is amazing.
  13. speaking on my lid build, I trimmed a bit off the top, and a little bit off the sides.
  14. My quick 2 cents. You will not be disappointed with an ATA kit. Beautiful armor, excellent customer service, and all in all a very good person to deal with.
  15. haven't worn it yet with armor, but goes a good 5-6" so I'd say so.
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