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  1. Thanks!!! I'm starting on the thermal detonator just to get used to cutting and gluing. Next will be gloves - all the low hanging fruit. Chest and abs will be next.
  2. Thanks! Can't wait to start trooping - but I'm not getting ahead of myself just yet. Lots of work to do.
  3. Thanks! How can I find my local Garrison's contact info? I'm an hour outside NYC.
  4. I've done all the research and bought a WTF armor set straight from Walt. I also commissioned the helmet build from him. I have rigged the helmet with the iComm @ukswrathhovi speakers and amp, bluetooth transmitters and a Aker 1506 amp to go in the chest plate. I tried starting the thermal detonator and am already screwing that up. I have the gloves and hand armor (flex stuff), but haven't started them yet. I am pretty sure I have all the parts and paints I need (no canvas belt yet). Hellhounds e-11 on order. Got my soft goods and boots ready to go. Lots of e-6000 and a face mask
  5. Although Hellhounds is a bit more, I think I like the idea of the rubber product. I also noticed I don't need adjustments for 501st approval with Hellhounds (most likely up to Centurion).
  6. Thanks! I reached out to Hellhounds and they are still shipping product, so I'll have to compare the two.
  7. Cool, thank you. I'm still going to try and work out a bluetooth solution (which @kamikaze has already done). Good to know both the iComm and the MR1506 will fit behind the chest plate.
  8. Thanks! Where should I mount the iComm? In the chest plate? The iComm is brand new out of the box and works when connected directly to the MR1506.
  9. I am trying to use the iComm wirelessly with the MR1506 Aker built into the chest plate. It seems the iComm needs a power source if it isn't connected directly to the Aker amp. Any suggestions on how to get power to the iComm? I'm using their passive condenser mic, TaoTronics bluetooth rx/tx (which pair just fine), Aker MR1506 Amp. Condenser mic->iComm Mic; iComm output->TaoTronics TT-BA07 in TX mode paired. Taotronics TT-BA07->Line-In MR 1506 Amp. The issue seems to be the iComm LED doesn't sense voice and needs power from the amp.
  10. It seems like all these vendors are out of business. Any other leads on a good trooping E-11 that doesn't break the bank?
  11. Thanks! Do you know of any E-11 that would be great out of the box?
  12. This one looks pretty good and seems like it would be a fun build. Has anyone built one or know if it will pass centurion when done? https://www.imperialarms3d.com/product-page/star-wars-custom-e-11-blaster-rifle-prop-with-functioning-spring-mechanism
  13. I have the same question about Anovos. Everything in their catalog seems to be "Pre-Order" and they have an "F" rating on BBB. Are these guys legit or am I creating a hassle for myself if I order a helmet from them? I am thinking of getting the standard TFA Stormtrooper helmet and starting my first armor build. It seems like a good deal and everything I read says this would be 501st approved. The reviews of the business and their "pre-order" issue make me wary.
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