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  1. I did specify the e-11 ANH blaster and that is exactly what I got. I paid him Jan 3 and got the blaster March 30 - three months. The workmanship is really great.
  2. I ordered over Facebook messenger and sent money via PayPal. Looking back, probably not the smartest thing to do. You’re better off ordering on Etsy so you have some recourse if things don’t work out. If you end up using PayPal, pay the extra fee to classify the transaction as a sale of goods.
  3. You rock, @justjoseph63! Now, if I could only get my "rear-end" in gear to redo my button painting and the actual armor.....
  4. Great review! Looks like your Hengstler is in the same spot as mine, too. Maybe even a little lower, but hard to tell if it is a lens issue or not in the picture.
  5. I did try to put it back exactly where Hellhounds attached it. There was glue residue that I matched up.
  6. @TKSpartan - any suggestion on how to remove the piece and move it up without significant damage?
  7. I think I got it right. Does it look ok (the second post)? The first post had the fish-eye angle.
  8. A better view of the Hengstler position....
  9. Thanks! I gave it a go with the CA Medium glue Daniel recommended to keep it consistent. If it falls off, I will definitely try and figure out the bracket route. So far, it seems pretty stable. See my photos of the fixed blaster in the thread I started below.
  10. I must say, Daniel from Hellhounds does an excellent job on these blasters. The craftsmanship is excellent and well worth the wait. Thank you, @Hellhounds for a great E-11!!!! P.S. If there is a problem with the Hengstler position, that is my fault. It broke off in shipping and I reattached it - not Daniel's fault.
  11. Thanks! Given the Hellhounds is all rubber, do you think I should add in the angle bracket or keep it the way Hellhounds made it by just gluing the bottom of the Hengsteler counter to the barrel section? You can see the glue residue in my photos (and I can line it up using the glue left behind).
  12. @Short4ATrooper I found these Hellhounds reference pictures. Looks like there isn't a piece between the counter and the scope for the HH version.
  13. Thanks! I definitely don't have those L brackets included. Looks like it was glued directly and fell off in transit. I also noticed yours doesn't have the two mini barrels right in front of it. Mine is an ANH e-11. Is it possible that we have different versions?
  14. Just received Hellhounds E-11 which looks great but got damaged in transit. Daniel from Hellounds said to use CA glue to put the piece back on. Is this the right position to put it back on? Does it need to be vertical compared to the handle? What is the correct pitch in comparison to the barrel? Any guidance on how to do this right without screwing up the blaster? Thanks in advance!
  15. Do you then remove the white paint afterwards? Won't it be noticeable?
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