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  1. Here's my Facebook link Album of: TK progress Thank you all!
  2. I have not, but I can do so if needed. I'll drop pictures as I take them throughout this week/weekend. I'm doing another Test run and full body pictures Saturday. I will be attending Japan fair for fun, so i figured snap some pictures of myself in good lighting.
  3. Alright, I've completed most of the armor build work with what I had to work with. Trimmed a bunch down (5'7" tall, short trooper I know). Where do I post progress pictures? How do I say hi to Garrison Titan group? Anyone can assist with minor questions? I thank you all in advance and appreciate your understanding/patience. On a side note: I've trooped in my armor to make sure mobility was ok, and have done extensive work on the helmet. For clarification, I'm going to achieve basic 501st for ANH stunt I believe.
  4. Thank you everyone. I been hard at work trimming, joining and such the armor and helmet. Been difficult since I'm only 5'7". So at last, I'm nearing completion minus small details. I will posts some pictures of my progress thus far. I thank you for your cooperation, having a job and a kiddo is hard to juggle with, but manageable :) thank you -Christian

  5. I had a friend give me pieces of both Anovos and parted out ABS Armor (not sure who the maker, but seems pretty good). so not a complete set. I'm currently trying to make it 501st approved with what I got, I've done a lot of mods to it, but need to now get down to the details. I just signed up on the Titan G website, thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, I have a TK that I want to take to the next level. I'm hoping to achieve that with your help and perhaps achieve 501st status someday and be part of the local Garrison in my state. Thank you!!!!
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