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  1. Aaaaaaaaand that's the picture I originally meant. Thanks!
  2. I saw a picture of the Death Trooper sidearm a while ago, and I'm fairly certain that it's pretty much just an SE-14R, but I'd have to look again and I didn't save the photo. If I come across it again I'll post it here. EDIT: Not the picture I meant, but here's a good screencap showing what seems (to me) to be an SE-14R:
  3. That's true! I just don't have anywhere to cut the pipe. I could do it with a vice and a table, but unfortunately I currently have neither of those things.
  4. Well my only qualm about it was that I'm personally not well-equipped to cut any kind of pipe, but I know where I can get access to the hardware to do that. So I'll just make arrangements and get that done on a later date. Thank you both very much! I've got to get a build thread started so I can stop just posting on your build, Tony
  5. Hey Tony, sorry if this has been covered: You're right about the TD tube length being a little long, and after fitment (with the caps) mine is about 7.75". The CRL calls for "approximately 7.5," so should I try to remove the excess pipe or do you think I'll be fine submitting with a TD that's a little on the long side?
  6. Okay, I've discovered the reason that I didn't think to do that originally: My d-ring doesn't have a space, so I can't bend it to pt it through a hole. Would the suggestion be to just buy a different d-ring? Edit: It might be helpful of me to include the fact that I have a trooperbay d-ring, which is completely closed.
  7. I don't know why that wouldn't work! Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I have a hyperfirm blaster and I have a D-ring, but I have no idea how to install it. I've heard that I should just drill out a hole in the D-ring holder, but then I don't know how to actually get the D-ring in. My thought was to use a craft knife to cut along the end cap wall down to the drilled hole to put the D-ring in, but I don't want to do something disastrous. Any tips?
  9. Thanks, I knew it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened, but I do think I'll try it over again just to clean things up. Thanks for the encouragement! Interestingly enough, I actually had the pieces taped together on the back of the connection running lengthwise up the seam to help with aligning the two pieces since I'm doing this on my own. This situation was kind of the culmination of several issues I had with the right forearm. I think this time I'll try the painters tape across the top of the pieces. Just wondering, if I do take it apart (I think I probably will) what's the best way to take it apart? I know how to clean off the excess glue, but I'm not clear on total glue removal. And thank you both for your speedy and helpful replies!
  10. Hey Tony, I've had a bit of a mess with the outside glue on the right forearm. While I was gluing it together, it appears that it all slipped a bit and the result was a gap between the two pieces and a visible slide of the cover strip. I have pictures. This is a basic view of the whole situation: This is a picture of the amount the cover strip slid off from where it was supposed to be: This is more of what the first picture is trying to show: In addition to these, I have measurements. The gap between the two pieces is about 2/5 cm and the distance the cover strip slid is about 1/2 cm. My feeling is that I should take this connection apart and redo it, but what do you think?
  11. That's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure. Yeah, I'm definitely going to be taking my time. I'd rather go slowly than make mistakes!
  12. Thanks! I've been working on it whenever I can, but it's been slow going because I've been so busy with work and school (and because I'm nervous for my first build). Thanks for the info, though!
  13. I have removed the wrist return edge to what I believe to be centurion standards. I'm pretty sure the wrist is fine at this point. I just don't want to take too much off the elbow and end up ruining my chances for centurion. Also, should I assemble and glue the piece before I remove the return edge I need to remove from the top or should I do that before assembly?
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