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  1. Hey guys I'm finished with this for now. I may redo it in the spring. The paint missing on the tube bothers me sometimes. I tried to emulate the condition of a movie helmet as they look today without copying any specific helmet. I've included a set of pics with flash and without. I know I need to clean up the outline on the traps. I'm undecided on adding the stripes to the traps or leaving it TD style. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Update, I ended up using the newly rebranded Rustoleum "Aircraft" stripper. It was the only thing I could find that only said not recommended for plastic. Everything else said do not use on plastic. I tested it on a small scrap strip and it worked without any visible damage so I moved onto the real helmet. I kept a wash cloth and a water hose handy just in case but it worked perfectly. Had all the paint off in just a little over an hour and zero damage to the helmet. HDPE is apparently pretty resiliant stuff. I'll report back if I develop and brittleness or other things that might be a side effect of using the stripper. Now onto the pics. http://imgur.
  3. That's my general plan but I didn't know if anyone else had done this before and could point me in the right direction. My plan right now is to use "Aircraft" brand paint stripper, i've seen videos of it used in body shops on plastic pieces, hopefully its ok with HDPE too.
  4. Hey Guys, I painted my HDPE helmet last night and the final coat came out with a slight texture to it. Whats the easiest way to strip all this paint with out sanding out the details of the kit. Is HDPE generally safe to put paint stripper on or should I look for a specialty product? I do have some scraps left from the build that I can test on before I hit the helmet with a chemical.
  5. Hey guys am I crazy or did RS used to offer a helmet building ket that included foam and the chin strap and screws. Or was it someone else?
  6. All the movie helmets are asymmetrical. I've been away from TK armor for along time but to me the suit on the Anovos website looks to have an oversized chest but that could be just the picture. If they will have suits on the floor at Celebration i'll make my decision then. I don't know the origin of the armor but I do know that Anovos has been making trips to the Archives lately so maybe they got some scans there rather than from another known maker.
  7. Hy guys I'm workin on to helmet kits and the recessed section for themic tips is pretty thin? What's a good way to reinforce that? Would a coating of bondo do it or perhaps fiberglass? Thanks
  8. Awesome, I had a ton of fun out of that chewie suit.
  9. Awesome post man, hope to see you out trooping some events in KY soon. I actually met you years ago, we met on a parking lot and traded some fett armor for a Rubies chewbacca.
  10. Hey Panda do you think you could post a video showing how you put the armor on. Im helpin a friend assemble a set of AM armor and Ithink I can handle the armor mods and sizing but Im having trouble with the strapping system and I think seeing you put it on would help me with sizing the straps and garters for him. Thanks
  11. Can I get 501st access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=2758 Tyler TK-1143
  12. That is a nice helmet, and it makes me want to get one.
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