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  1. I should just go sandy then! lol I've still not figured it out, but as soon as I can I'll post it! I'm glad I'm not alone though! I get them in weird places, like the outside of the butt plate. My under suit never touches that part either. Maybe I sat it on top of the suit at some point, but I really don't think I've ever done that.
  2. It's not the hyperfirm for me, as I don't have mine yet. They're annoying though, right?? The biggest stain off all of them was on my butt plate. It was bad. I got the color pretty dull though from wetsanding and using Novus, but it's still obvious that it's there.
  3. That's what I first thought too, but why don't they appear on the inside of the armor then?
  4. Totally. It has to be one of the black pieces to the costume (I assume), but I can't find what it is. I have a few of them on different parts of the armor, including the butt plate. I have no clue what's causing them. I've tried putting things I think it it into the inside of the armor to see if I can make it happen there too, but no luck. The search continues.
  5. I've done exactly this and the best it does (for me) is dull the color so that it's not so dark. These suckers are pesky!
  6. This is true! And I don't have any on the helmet. I figure that something is rubbing off onto it, but I can't seem to figure out what it is. I've tried recreating it inside the armor to test and no luck yet. Also I've been separating things in my bin with bubble wrap and they still show. This is a tough one! Thanks for the help!
  7. I haven't tried that yet. I tried paint thinner with minimal luck. I'll give it a shot though! Thanks!
  8. Yep. Same here, too. They keep popping up though. I wonder if it's an ABS issue? I'm glad I'm not alone though.
  9. Nope. lol I didn't get mine yet. I had some car trouble immediately after my move that slowed me down. Lol So, for me it's not that, and I would assume it may be something else on yours too. I forget, Jorge, yours is AP too, right?
  10. Do you really? You're the first besides me to mention it that I've seen. It's super annoying! I just can't figure it out.
  11. I've been keeping the pieces wrapped in bubble wrap in my container and laying a towel over the top. Everything is separated and I still find them. It's very strange.
  12. I've been finding these strange stains on my armor and cannot figure out the source at all! I've had a few of them and after some tough elbow grease, the best I've done is get them to not be as dark. <br><br> I've tried rubbing my gloves, boot soles, holster, compression suit, etc. on the inside of the armor to test possible suspects, but I can't recreate them either. I'm at a loss. I've even separated pieces and they still find a way of coming back. <br><br> Has anyone else had this problem? Any idea where it's coming from?
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