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  1. Looks great! Then again, I expect no less from RS Props. How is the movement? When I help with builds, I always do the following mobility checks: - Are there any pinch points that may need to be adjusted for? - Are you able to put your helmet on and take it off unassisted? - Can you drink from a bottle of water without needing help? - Can you draw and holster your blaster unassisted? - What about stairs - can you climb and descend a flight of stairs without falling over?
  2. He is here on FISD - his forum name is "ABS80". But the best way to reach him is via email - authenticprops@hotmail.com Here is one of his recent threads: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/40820-ap-armor-no-helmet-only-499
  3. Since you are in Quebec, I would also recommend you look at AuthenticProps (AP) since they are literally in your neighborhood ... fast delivery and no import taxes!
  4. We like to say here that while any kit can be made to fit any body shape (with enough work), some kits are more amendable to different body types than others. What kind of kit do you have? Any photos of both you and the kit itself?
  5. Agreed. Looks to me like they achieved the tapered frown look by making the duck beak gradually wider as it goes out to the edges, i.e. "reverse tapering" it. Ab boxes look a bit thinner as well. Other than those two changes, I really don't see anything else.
  6. Yep. I chatted briefly with the two of you on Sunday. She looks great, and the short-cropped blonde hair and aviator-style mirrored sunglasses was a nice touch.
  7. This set photo was leaked yesterday, showing the First Order Stormtroopers from the upcoming sequel to TFA. At first glance, the differences are minor (mostly in the helmet). Basically analogous to the differences between ANH and ESB stormtroopers. Coincidence? Perhaps ...
  8. I have both as well. This sums up exactly what I would say.
  9. I definitely wouldn't recommend AM for someone your size. Unless you are both short *and* wide (basically built like a barrel), you'll likely end up taking off and/or reshaping so much plastic off that you change the way the armor is meant to fit - and as a result the way it will look. Even if you are almost as wide as you are tall, you'd still need to take a lot of length off, well, just about every piece. Better off getting a smaller kit that will take a lot less work to fit to you.
  10. Nowadays it seems that 3D printing is a popular option. Basically you develop your own set of files using commonly-available modeling software, and go from there.
  11. Sorry to hear this. I know how devastated I'd be if that happened to me. Definitely keep an eye out on your local con scene, costume shops, and places like ebay. Sooner or later it'll turn up.
  12. Most people say that at first. It really isn't as hard as you think. The key is research, preparations, and asking lots of questions - including putting up a work-in-progress build thread that will allow others to comment on and guide your progress. If you feel you need hands-on help, the best thing you can do is to get in touch with your local garrison. Most garrisons have what we call "armor parties" on a regular basis, and they are almost always open to prospective members working on new kits. As was stated, check the vetted armorer's list. If direct prices aren't listed, then you can email them for price quotes. Not all offer commissioned build services, but at least a few do. Also, check with your local garrison. There may be someone there who is looking for some extra cash and is willing to do a build commission. At your size, AM 2.0 is probably your best bet since it has more plastic around the middle and is marketed toward "larger" bodies. Not sure about your sister - I suppose it depends on how she carries her weight.
  13. YES! Can't wait to see this up close - she is the first Legacy trooper in the garrison. When is her first troop?
  14. That cloth-looking ribbed texture is going to make wearing a Rogue One kit even hotter (in terms of body temperature) than an OT kit.
  15. To this I would add: Star Wars Rebels The Force Awakens The aforementioned are considered canon because they were actually seen in the movie, cartoon series, video game, etc. Since OT stormtroopers (not counting sandtroopers) were never seen with pauldrons, having a AHH/ESB/ROTJ stormtrooper wearing a rank pauldron is not canon. As for your example of SW Rebels TKs, that CRL is in work and I'm confident in saying that pauldrons (as an acceptable option) will be included.
  16. Between (1) punching smaller holes, (2) heat-sealing the holes, and (3) reinforcing the area where the snap goes, there are a lot of excellent ideas here. Any of those (or all three) should fix your problem. I personally use an old soldering iron to make my holes and in some cases I reinforce the area where the holes will be punched with either a double-fold of elastic or soft-side Velcro.
  17. I did this with my Anovos standard helmet but instead of using detailed reference photos, stage blood, and attempting to replicate every subtle paint stroke - I used a 2-to-1 red/brown color paint mix (I'm told that best replicates the color of actual human blood), dipped my fingers in it, and after watching that particular scene maybe a dozen times to ensure I got the right reach angle, speed, hand placement, etc., just dragged my hand across. It took a few tries to get it where I wanted it, so I made sure to water-soluable paint. Something that I noticed is that the bloody helmet is actually different depending on which scene you are watching. The footage in the above post shows what the helmet looked like after FN-2187 returned to the Finalizer and was confronted by Captain Phasma ("... and who gave you permission to remove that helmet?"). Basically the helmet is dirty and the blood takes on a dried-out, brownish tinge. On Jakku during the raid on Tuanul village, FN-2187's helmet is still clean and the blood stain is still fresh (and more of a red color), so it's a different look. That's the look I went for since it better matches my armor. So if you're squadmate truly wants to be accurate, he will have to choose.
  18. You will definitely need to either add a separate 4-button strip. Fortunately they are easy to make with a bit of scrap plastic and a disc-shaped object such as a disc magnet of the correct size. Also, in the full body photos it looked like you were missing the top ab button on the center ab button plate. But I can't tell from your latest photos because your chest plate covers it up.
  19. I see a few issues with the kit, for instance, the molded-in center ab button box and lack of a 4-button vertical strip really stand out to me. But overall it's not horrible. With some fixes and a few obviously missing items such as a correct holster and boots it should pass basic approval so long as it's built and fitted correctly. Can you post a close-up photo of the abdominal armor?
  20. That should be the case, but the best way to know is for you to post photos of your kit.
  21. I fixed your post. ^^ This. Actually, it looks like a JediRobe kit - which is a recast of an FX kit. Even worse. Yeah, I agree 100% with Randy. Also, post an introduction in the New Member Introductions section.
  22. I use RainX antifog treatment. A fresh application 5-10 minutes prior to the beginning of a troop, with a few minutes to allow the chemical smell to dissipate a bit, and you're good for at least a couple of hours. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Rain-X-Anti-Fog-3.5oz-Bottle/16889024
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