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  1. For those who are considering coming out to the beach photo shoot, here's another consideration - Fischer Park is a great place to watch a rocket launch. ---------------
  2. They will be posted and a link will be provided for downloading the high resolution versions once they become available.
  3. I've also found that screen mesh restricts air flow and as a result makes it even hotter inside the helmet. Removing the screen mesh and going with bare teeth + balaclava both hides your face and permits better airflow in/out the helmet.
  4. Assuming you're not using the screen-accurate "original" strapping system, the return edges are more for the look than anything else - they give the armor an illusion of thickness. You should definitely take the return edge off completely at the wrist and ankles - everywhere else it is up to you and your preferred balance of comfort vs aesthetic. Personally, I would leave as much on as possible while still having a comfortable fit.
  5. The Legion schedule of events has been published. I have also updated the first post with the new information. http://www.501st.com/celebration/
  6. Light weathering is allowable. But the best way to achieve that look is to troop often and not worry about cleaning up the inevitable scuffs that will happen with regular wear. The most authentic kind of weathering comes from actual use.
  7. Tasha Ruth (midorimushi) runs that group. You can either message her here or on Facebook.
  8. You're joking ... right? Twenty years ago (1997) when the Legion was founded and before any actual standards were in place? Sure. Back then, you were lucky if you could get that. Hell, FX didn't even exist then. Nowadays - not even close. The good news is that you have a nice piece of costuming history on your hands - I'd put it in a display case.
  9. These are ideally suited for the task, and probably the best cost value you will find. The downside is they ship from China, so it could be a few weeks before you get them. http://www.banggood.com/50pcs-N52-Super-Strong-Disc-Magnets-20mm-x-3mm-Rare-Earth-Neodymium-Magnets-p-997169.html?rmmds=category
  10. Looks like you're off to a good start.
  11. That's part of what I liked about the baby powder when I was using latex gaskets (which I still have but mostly use cloth nowadays). After a long, sweaty troop - the gaskets just slide right off.
  12. Seems that whatever undershirt you use will need to be both very tight and very slick in terms of the fabric. Alternatively, if you are using a long-sleeve undershirt then you may want to switch to a short-sleeve shirt and use baby powder on your bare arms to help the gaskets slide up and into place.
  13. On a completely different note ... I think it's pretty awesome that a bunch of grown men who live in different parts of the world can gather together and have a discussion/debate on some of the most arcane details of Star Wars. Bravo, FISD.
  14. Welcome back. Boots - most go with either TKBoots or Imperial Boots since they are purpose-made for us. You also have the option of picking up a set of black Chelsea boots (be sure you get the correct style) and painting them white. Undersuit - any unmarked black compression suit will do. Underarmor is the standard, but you can likely find cheaper options. Personally I use a black one-piece dancer's unitard, but most prefer a two-piece compression suit because it makes taking restroom breaks a bit easier. Assuming you are still at Ft Carson, best thing you can do is to hook up with the Mountain Garrison guys. http://www.mg501st.com
  15. If there are enough of them in attendance - and there should be since there is an organized group of them nearby in the Georgia Garrison (there was only one present at Celebration Anaheim), we will add them to the list as their own group to the overall FISD Group Photo lineup. They will of course be welcome to participate in the Ladies of FISD photo as well as the Legacy / E.U. photo.
  16. 3D prints are by their very nature light and very detailed, but they are also relatively fragile. If you drop a fully-assembled 3D printed PLA F-11D blaster it will likely come apart regardless of what type of adhesive you use, and it may break up in places where there is no glue regardless. I have no idea what a 3D pen is - I've never heard of it. If you are worried about something that won't survive an impact with a hard surface while remaining intact or something that can be snapped apart with your hands (and I'm not sure why you even want to try doing that), then a 3D print may not be the best option for you.
  17. I've used Zap-A-Gap for all three of my prints - a standard F-11D, a F-11D Heavy, and an SE-44C. It's thin, quick-setting CA glue. The bond is rock-solid and unlike E6000 it is neither messy (assuming you keep proper control and don't apply too much at a time) nor flexible. The downside is you only get one shot to get it right. ----------------
  18. Stay away from the nail polisher remover. Not only does it contain acetone (which in high enough concentrations eats plastic), but it isn't necessary. Just rub the dried E6000 off with your fingertip. If you need to soften it up a bit, GooGone works well and doesn't damage the plastic.
  19. I guess if you reeeealllllyyy wanted to, you could add a D-ring & mount to the bottom of the pistol grip and be able to sling an F-11D rifle version. But there is no way that would be canon and/or CRL-approvable.
  20. If you have the movie on DVD or BluRay, go to the scene where Rey, Finn, Han, and Chewie initially hook up at Starkiller base - the scene where they catch Rey by surprise. You can see a good shot of how the sling attaches to the blaster.
  21. ... or added simply because it's necessary in order to advance the story since Rey needs a way to carry the rifle while climbing. Same as how in ANH one of the stormtroopers that was guarding the Millennium Falcon just happened to be the only one equipped with a grappling hook and hand-held comlink - both of which were necessary to facilitate Luke's escape and thus advance the story.
  22. The only time I remember seeing a slung F-11D is the one Rey took during her escape from the interrogation room at Starkiller Base - and that one didn't have a butt stock. Do you have any reference photos? It's conceivable that a standard F-11D with the sling added could be CRL-approvable. But unless you can provide a reference photo, it's hard to see how the specific F-11D configuration you are wanting to do (sling + butt stock) could be added to the CRL. To be honest, I'm not even sure how that would work - the sling used on Rey's F-11D is attached via a keyhole slot near the forward grip and to the end cap via a D-ring.
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