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  1. HERE is Jacobs' (Troopertrek 2011) facebook page. He has raised in excess of $3000 so far!
  2. Have you tried the Waproo shoe spray paint Dave? Same trick as with the boots - silver coat first, then white.
  3. Yep, I'm a member. Working on my 3rd Pred now. This is my Wolf Pred from last years Armageddon at Melbourne.
  4. You really need to steer clear of that "Treckfreek" character. He is a NASTY piece of work. We have been asking him to remove his 501st reference in his ebay sales and he has one of the foulest mouthes you will ever hear. Reports from those that have been to his house suggest it is full of recast props, not just SW, and the floor is covered in dog crap.
  5. 'Grats on reaching this magnificent milestone Paul. It shows truly great devotion and dedication.
  6. Hey Brett, welcome to FISD . Get some pics up and show the guys your new ESB TK. J
  7. Mark, how would you say it compares size wise to other armours, specifically TE2 and AP? I'm particularly interested in the sizes of the forarms and biceps. J
  8. Wow! I thought the Det touch plate I made looked a little funny, but maybe I wasn't far off at all. A great looking kit so far gents. And good to see the 3 choices of plastics/pricing available.
  9. Same guy, different handle. http://myworld.ebay.com.au/insane_collectibles/
  10. There is only one legitimate armourer, goes by the handle of TPE. Sells very good quality helmets and is about to offer full TK kits. Very hard to get hold of. ALL other helmets and armour produced here are recasts.
  11. The lovely wife (7795) is 5'10" and 129 lbs. She is sporting an ATA kit with both arms being the smaller size/side. If your suit is fitted properly, you will look like a TK. The only thing I tell my wife to do is "stand like you got a pair"
  12. The guy is a known recaster on other costuming sites. He couldn't even be bothered to remove the original makers initials from the item he recast. Not really surprising he doesn't bother to ship his items in timely fashion, or at all.
  13. If you're going for ANH or ESB EIB then although not required, they are a "should have". It's a nice little touch. They aren't necessary for ROTJ. Hey Grant, I wouldn't have thought the rivets were required for that variation. I can't see any reference to them .
  14. Nope, no rivets. But I still use a clamshell type setup on mine, tho it's nearly impossible to see.Especially handy for those of us who are drought and famine resistant . External views. Internal view. That's 4" wide black elastic on each side, glued onto the kidney plate and hidden snaps on the ab plate. The belt is rivetted on permanantly at the front, and the holster is attached to the kidney with chicago screws, so the belt won't sag and it is also an anchor point fo rthe belt. Just a matter of closing the snaps on the left side and tightening the belt up to get an even gap - left to right.
  15. Same here. Painted properly, there is little difference.
  16. I put the link in you thread on TAG Grant, but here it is again for anyone else reading: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=8583 Good looking kit mate. Don't give up now. Knightfall squad will soon have it's 4th EIB trooper, with 2 more not far off! J
  17. Well, this is the look that you see all the TK's in the new games with. ROTJ armor, ANH helmet and handguards. I think I've read somewhere that this is GL's definitive looking TK. Honestly, I've seen worse looking and fitted kits than those approved over the last couple years.
  18. Not sure they NEED to be 501st approved. There are already plenty of EU costumes approvable, and it seems the list continues to grow. Just start of with a standard TD and swap parts out for fun. There's that weird guy in front of his roses again mum....
  19. I can assure you from personal experience, that he is not the only guy in the Star Wars prop community that doesn't make good on their bounty offers. The MEPD guys will recognise the words "Sonix Victory 75"
  20. TK-J

    ebay armour

    Just looking at the biceps, it appears to be recast from the TE/TE2 line.
  21. Lookin' good Kev. Now let's get you all EIB'd up
  22. This is the stuff I used on my ROTJ suit Grant : http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290374610196 You will need about 7 meters for the whole thing. Just glue it on with some contact adhesive.
  23. Hey Nathan, 6'and 195 shimmed AP Without shims there is about 3" of gap.
  24. Animated-Army.com has some pretty good references, and is frequented by all the good armorers.
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