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  1. OK,so what mods are required to get it over the line? Cheers, G
  2. Hey guys, Can anyone tell me if the new Efx helmet is acceptable for (ANH) EIB? Cheers, G
  3. so it's a re-cast of something....is that what your saying?
  4. Same, when you have put enough effort into getting it to EIB standard ...Why not chuck it on? You can also put two of them at the bottom of the butt piece if you want to get real accurate! Cheers, G
  5. I thought that for EIB you had to comply with all the "should haves" for that catagory. When I read the CRLs, it said for ESB that you need all the ANH "must haves" plus blah,blah,blah and then for ROTJ it says all ESB "must haves" plus this ,that and the other....SO....I took the CRLs to be that I needed to have all the "must have" AND all the "should have" requirements for ANH,ESB,ROTJ and then the Commander mods on top of that in order to get EIB....So that's what I did. Is that not correct? Cheers, G
  6. OK ! The AP second is going to be the best option. How do I get my hands on one of those? Thanks again, G
  7. $120 I should be able to manage if I have a week or so to save. Thanks, G
  8. Thanks guys. I am working on it...I might have a cheap one avail from one of my local guys. I will keep ya posted
  9. Hey Quebectrooper that's cool no need to appologize, I appreciate your input. I have tryed really hard to get this right but I may have overlooked something else, I had no idea about the FX thing so it stands to reason. Daetrin, I don't know what to say but THANKYOU ! I am very proud and honoured to be a part of a group that put in such an effort to help eachother. Thanks again, Grant
  10. Thanks for that J I am not giving up but I have been out of work for the last 8 weeks and simply can't afford to buy another bucket.
  11. I checked the CRLs, under ROTJ armour: " A gap between the ab plate and kidney plate is allowed as seen on screen" and under TK Commander(game ref): " Hand plates must be ANH trapezoidal, not ROTJ snowtrooper hand plates" and " Control panel is omitted from the 02 canister, and painted 100% white" Can anyone tell me where it says that my helmet is not acceptable for EIB? Cheers, G
  12. The title says it all. Apparently the new AM bucket isn't acceptable for EIB (I wish it said that somewhere) and I just spent the last of my savings on that kit.....SO what is the cheapest acceptable helmet and where do I get one from? Thanks all, G
  13. Its not easy to see in the pics but the 4th tooth has been cut out(see better pic) so even though FX is acceptable for legion standards and the helmet has been improved (more rounded) and is now AM it's still not passable? I didn't see anywhere that the AM or FX bucket isn't acceptable for EIB? Cheers, G
  14. I think I have ticked all the boxes but I am sure you will let me know if I have missed anything. Here we go: Thats it. How did I go ? Cheers, Grant.
  15. mine should be finished in a couple of days and then I will be applying for EIB(game ref) and when passed I would be happy to help.
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