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  1. Welcome to FISD Robert! I'll echo Christine's excellent advice to make sure you're signed up both here and on the local Georgia Garrison site. Enjoy the process and look forward to seeing your ROTJ TK once it's completed.
  2. Hi Patrick! I'm a member of the Georgia Garrison (and I live in Atlanta) so let me welcome you to FISD. If you're interested in doing a sandtrooper costume, be sure to check out the Mos Eisley Police Department (MEPD) forums <http://forum.mepd.net>. Also, if you haven't done so already be sure to check out the Georgia Garrison boards as well <ga501st.com/forums>. Between the two, you should be able to get most of your questions answered. Feel free to let us know how we can be a resource and good luck on your build!
  3. Welcome to FISD Brandi! Are you signed up on the boards for the Georgia Garrison? If not, stop by when you can. Here's the link: https://ga501st.com/forums
  4. Agree with xaoslord, now I'll probably have nightmares about this...unfortunately some things you can't un-see. LOL.
  5. Excellent question Jimmy. I'm pretty curious to hear others' thoughts on this myself. I've heard that it doesn't have a real meaning or designation, but could be wrong. For what it's worth, I always thought it would be cool if "TK" stood for Trooper Knight, but that's just a personal wish/preference, no more. Anybody have any historical info about the designation?
  6. Just noticed this post. Alex, big congratulations on earning your EIB!! Look forward to trooping with you again so we can continue to bring order to the state of Georgia, I mean, er, um all sectors of the Galaxy, lol. P.S. - The pic with your dog/"Ewok" is hilarious! Congrats again bro.
  7. Files received -- they're exactly what I needed. Sincere thanks again!!!
  8. Hey Brandon, Looking for some hi-res screengrabs of the Sandcrawler from ANH. Plan on using them to help my girlfriend create a signature banner for her new Jawa costume. Tried to identify the timeframes that have the best shots, so hope this helps. Many thanks in advance! Rough Timeframes 13:10 - 13:15 - Group of Jawas carrying R2 toward Sandcrawler 13:16 - 13:23 - Closer shot of Jawas at feet of Sandcrawler 15:01 - 15:05 - Sandcrawler driving through desert at night 15:41 - 15:42 - Sandcrawler driving through desert during daylight
  9. These are awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Welcome Brad. As others have noted, you're definitely in the right place. Between the resources here and involvement with your local garrison, you'll more than likely have all you need (and then some) in terms of resources and know-how. As someone who is now several months removed from my first TK build, I understand/agree that it can be overwhelming. Just keep reading/researching, asking questions as they arise (we're a pretty welcoming bunch) and then reading some more and you'll realize your dream of donning the white armor sooner enough. Good luck on your build and again, welcome to FISD!
  11. is on the forest moon of Endor tracking down a "pitiful little band" of Rebels.

  12. Hi Davis, First off, welcome to FISD! I'm a member of the Georgia Garrison who recently completed a Stormtrooper costume, so feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Also, do you remember who in the Garrison you spoke with? I only ask because maybe I can shoot them a friendly PM to make sure we're serving as a resource for a potential/future trooper. As was mentioned earlier, definitely check out the Garrison forums (forums.ga501st.com), since that's where most of the communication happens. Also, since you've already found your way over here to FISD, you've already hit the motherlode of Stormtrooper resources. Just start (or keep) browsing the forums, reading topics, and asking questions...then browse some more, read some more, ask more questions...well, you get the idea. As you noted, there aren't a ton of troopers in the Augusta area, but nonetheless we're here to help however we can. Also, are you planning on attending Dragon*Con this year? If so, that'd be an excellent place to meet alot of the guys in the Garrison and get some of your questions answered. Welcome again to FISD, and don't hesitate to let me know how I can help.
  13. Happy Birthday Brian. Hope it's an excellent one!
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