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    Tobyhanna,PA (currently)
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    U.S. Civil War and WW2 reenacting(I make and sell reproduction Civil War forage caps and kepis too),lol,Sci-fi geek,SW costuming,Scale model railroads and model building in general, Numerous outdoor activities,Helping and assisting others in need,And waaay too many other activities to list here,lol.

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  1. hey all, I just wanted to give a heads up that the above mentioned website is taking offers for a take over. Mr. Aj Standish(owner) is retiring this november on his 70th BDay, so i figured i let everyone know before he stops selling anything. He makes/sells deactivated Sterlings for $449.00 as well as fully built E-11's but they cost way more.Link below http://yhst-56729669.../star-wars.html
  2. Just thought i'd spread a little brain damage for today,LOL.
  3. It really is a shame as i too have had good dealings.The majority of complaints i've heard were that he takes too long to get the product out or email contact was iffy at best ,but never heard of him not sending anything at all??.I admit it took me a while to recieve the items i have, but i got them regardless.Maybe someone should try contacting him ???. If He's having issues with production or other, he should at least post an update on his website,(its got outdated info on the updates page).
  4. Sci-fire has a weathering tutorial for that nice worn look . http://sci-fire.com/
  5. Did the resin parts get scrubbed with anything like hot water and dish soap or some other type of degreaser before painting??.I usually do this before painting to remove any excess mold release, that might still be in the smaller areas.I had the same issues with Krylon fusion ,but only when there was signs of mold release agents on the surface.
  6. "OMG, i was laughing so hard i fell outta me chair!" . The bones of many past historians are a rattlin' in their graves i'm sure,Lol
  7. "Uuuh boy" , that just gave me a whole new level of brain damage...(getting a tylenol),lol.
  8. Sure do mason, lol. http://tk861.com/indexframed2.html look on the left side menu and go to "trooper gear", Then Click on "Weapons" and the tutorial is on the upper right Marked as "NEW" MG42/34 KIT "Oh, and i feel yer pain ,with that injured thumb and all".I did similar damage when i was a teenager...and man it hurt
  9. Hey, isn't that one of those Ruger 10/22 Dress up kits?".I have seen those used for Dlt-19 builds,mostly from the tutorial on the TK-861.com website,lol.
  10. I started to mod a Hasbro,but i goofed up so bad that i switched to building a pvc type.However i used some of the small parts from the hasbro such as the front/rear sights and scope.I trimmed the scope from that speaker box then used a few pieces cut from a plastic for sale sign to make a new base and front face for it and a tube of bondo auto filler to build up the scopes body.I also used the rubber cup from one of the Nerf darts to make the small lens in the frontby cutting off the suction part using the base of it for the rim.Take a looky,lol
  11. Hey all, I don't know if anyone has seen this,but kenthork over at Mepd.net posted this article from the PropBlog.com site...thought i'd pass it on in case noone here has seen it. ----------
  12. Thats a good attempt for a homemade cheapy suit.At least i think so.That helmet is an old don post ,i'm pretty sure of it, considering the bug eyed rubies version,lol.
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