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  1. Thank you for the great idea fitting the Thighs and cutting them down!  - Nick

    1. Sly11


      Troopers helping troopers is what we do, you are very welcome.

  2. Hi! Almost done with my ANH Stunt TK. I'm not great at cutting the PVC so I'm pretty worried about the CURVE that goes around the top of the thigh down to the crotch. I'd really like to NOT touch/cut it! (I do suk at that...). Soooooo... my question is: To keep that 'perfect shaped curve on the TOP of the thigh, is it permissible to cut the BOTTOM off instead (for adjusting the overall length of the piece? Thank you for this and your time too! If you have any photos and you've actually done it, please attach 'em! Thanks again! - Nick
  3. Thanks! I have both, just not a 'steady hand' and I'm afraid of burning in 'dents' and 'wavy edges'. I found this photo. I guess I'll have to do that. Do you know how much return-trim is allowed to be shown? (I don't see anything on that particularly for approval! I really don't think there is!) Thank you again! - Nick
  4. I have a Dremmel but I want a smooth edge without being wavy. Do you have a pic of what you are using?
  5. HI All! I'm looking at 'something' that will either 'turn under', 'snip off evenly' or (Gawd Forbid) 'Cut' the 'Return Edging' on the Stormtrooper armor. Each piece, including the Thighs, Ankles, Arm Pieces etc. on my Armor has a little 'about 1/4" ' turned-under section of PVC. Looking at each one 'long-wise' gives the illusion that the armor is 'thicker' to the Eye, (We know it isn't!) I am looking for about an 'Idiot Proof' way to get ride of them, turn them under, etc. OR can you just leave them? I'm really afraid of cutting these areas as my TK armor PVC is thick and even and I don't want to screw it up! Can you help? If you have pictures or links I'd really appreciate it! Thank you! - Nick
  6. Hi! I need some flat white thicker panels for the Sid shims for my ANH Stormtrooper Kit. I'm stuck without it! Nothing available locally or major chains. Have you bought some lately? From where? Link? Thank you! - Nick. Visalia CA
  7. Great ideas! I may use your ideas combined with a heavy-duty suspenders framework. Anybody else?
  8. Thank you guys! It's the standard Stormtrooper Armor from TK. I'll check your link too! - Nick
  9. I have the new armor from TK and I would like some good ideas about the strap assembly, snaps, etc on the INSIDE of both pieces. I thought about using heavy duty suspenders as a framework that I can 'hang' the other pieces on but I'm not sure. What are your ideas? Pictures? Links? Thank you from another Newbie!
  10. Recommend where to get these from? I'm looking for RED and then a PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness. It's a big thing for my fends and family! Thanks Guys!
  11. OK, I'm IN! Could you send me the file(s) too? I'm at: cgarduc@gmail.com THANK YOU!!!!
  12. Ok, Hi all!<br><br> This is my first post and yes I'm really new here!<br><br> My eyes as Re still spinning from all the information!<br><br> What I am looking for is a complete detailed Sandtrooper or Riottrooper suit that is ready to wear. Unfortunately I don't have a shop or a place to work on anything. <br><br> There is a group here to join (Central California) that I'm looking forward to going with.<br><br> I also want to join the 501st with it as well so I guess it has to 'qualify'.<br><br> I'm 5'8 and stocky so the sizing is a consideration. <br><br> Can any supply a Url that they feel would be a good match?<br><br> Thank you for your help with this too!<br><br> I'm excited to get started! - N
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