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  1. Thank you for all your nice words. I am also very exited about the trooper future. :). When the box will arrive I will send some BBB pictures. And like you said I will start a building thread. "Always, always ALWAYS feel free to ask any questions you may have, Svante... we are here to help every step of the way! " THANK YOU ! I think I will have a lot of questions after starting the building process. And you all encourage me to build a kit. And RS seems like a good choice :))
  2. Hi all, this week I decided to buy a RS Kit. I have ordered today. I was waiting for black Friday :). So the decision is finaly made
  3. Hi Cable Guy, I tried to make this photos. But it is to dark or to light. Hopefully this Pictures are ok. If the Quality is to bad, I will try to make some Fotos tomorrow at daylight.
  4. Hi all, Hi Cable Guy Thank you for the fast answer. The screws are Long ( poor trooper who go to the Ground and get in contact with them ) Today I received the coulor. Maybe I will paint the helmet tomorrow. But I I have to do some reaserch, because I am not 100 % satisfied with the screws outside. I am not really sure if they have to fit exactly ( 100 % ) The second Point is that I realized that one ear is a bit higher then the second. The helmet was bought pre assambled. I do not know If I want or should be fix it. I am a bit afraid to damage the primer...….. but Maybe I have to drill new holes.
  5. Hi all, at Saturday I painted the helmet. Firt I used the red primer. Then some houres later, I used the white primer.. I am not sure but some times the primer Looks like White and grey. Next Saturday I will paint the helmet with gloss White. Next Saturday I will paint the helmet with gloss White. Were the screws visible inside the helmet ( screen Version of the helmet )? I found some Pictures..... But I cant see the screws…. but the screws that were a part of the kit are good visible inside…. Maybe you can feel them on your face hahahahah. Regards Svante
  6. Maybe you are right..... oh it is a hard decision hahahaha . I ask myself if the RS armor is worth the double price.....hmmmm ( kit).
  7. Hi, like always you are a lexicon. THANK you so much. I was looking arround for Da props at the Forum. But I do Not found this report. For me it is more important that the armor ist near to the original screen used version than the stability. But also the money is a factor. So than I want to choose between RS and Da
  8. Hi, it will be a 5'10 build. I will build a ANH stunt. Hopefully 5'10 is also ok for the mentioned armors.
  9. Hi all, sorry for open again a new topic. I am working on a helmet. But looking in the future I have to decide which armor should I buy. The helmet is from DA Props. And I like this helmet very much. But is the armor also good ? Maybe one of you have some experience with the DA armor. So I am Not sure which producer is the best for me. My plan is to get a trooper near to the screen version. There are three armors I think about DA Props ( I like the helmet ) RS ( very close to original Version) Troopmaster ? I know to get near to the movie accurate trooper RS is the best armor!? But it is also very expensive. Like I said....I like DA props. But is this armor the right decision if you want amovie accurate armor ? Troopmaster. I do Not know much about this producer. But I read about him often. Thank you .
  10. Hi all, only a small Update. First thank you for all your answers. I cut the eyes a bit more. And I also cut my finger two times hahahaah. But now the eyes are ready. I also attached the rivets on the sides. The colours arrives yesterday. I will use Tamiya surface primer oxid red and after that surface primer white. But after using the red one I will let the helmet dry for a week. Hopefully it will not to cold outside at saturday. I am not really sure what white is the correct one for the finish...... After I spray the red primer I will proof where I can buy the chin strap. As soon I am understanding how I could Upload some more pictures I will send you some progress pictures. But for now the System do Not allow me to Upload some more pictures. And CableGuy I use your report allot as a reference. Now I am thinking also about the armor... I am Not sure if I want order one from RS or DA...... I must think about it......
  11. Hi all, thank you for all this answers. I was just interested. It is very intresting how the production methodes have changed. And I am impressed. Because: TheRescalKing: You saw them on set ? You were on set ? That sounds like a dream !!! Are you working for the film industry? And while I am looking around I saw the armor from Jimmiroquai. This was the reason why I asked myself the Material question. Because the way he build it was so unknown. tarok: you are right. 3 D printing could be a interestig method in the future. Equuspolo: Hopefully your friends enjoy to worke for this Films....and hopefully they are now owners of a original screen used armor;) hahaha. For me it is a dream to have a OT armor replica.... I cant imagin how great it is to be a trooper in a movie
  12. Hi all, small question. What material was used for the RO1 armors and helmets ? Are they produced in ABS like the helmets and armors from the OT ? Is it even known ? Thank you Regards
  13. Hi, Today I am cutting the eyes. But I am unsatisfied. I think I remove to much from the right eye and maybe a bit less at the left. I used a knife. I also to try to get this original look. And I am Not sure if I have remove all the Material near the nose.
  14. First look. I am also a bit confused about the red primer. How I understand it, they used red primer for metal. But why not red primer for plastic ?
  15. Hi all, today I received the small Brown box with a helmet. At first I want to ask if it is normal, that the helmet has " bubbels" ? Do you think it is possible to sand them away ? I am a bit scared to damage the helmet. Hopefully you can see what I am talking About. Best regards
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