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  1. Thanks for the advice. This is my first time painting something in white. A black, textured Kylo helmet is very forgiving compared to most other projects. In contrast, this shiny, gloss white TK helmet makes every imperfection just blindingly obvious. I’ve ordered the bolts and wingnuts (and some washers to increase the surface area). Once I’m done with the helmet, I plan to start on the ab/back/chest area.
  2. I’ve been thinking of how to attach the belt boxes, and I plan to steal 11b30b4’s idea of attaching them via wingnut to the belt. However, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go one step further and just attach the belt to the ab plate with the same wingnut/bolt that’s attaching the box to the belt. It seems like it would be easier in the long run, since I wouldn’t have to worry about positioning the belt properly every single time I put it on, and won’t have to worry about the Velcro coming apart mid-troop and having my belt fall apart. Has anyone tried this? Is there a downside I’m not thinking of here?
  3. I painted the whole helmet gloss white, and managed to somehow get the paint to be powdery right next to a run, which I consider to be a rather impressive feat. I had planned to move forward even if I found a couple pinholes, because I don’t want to fall into the perfection trap and never actually move forward, but I found WAY too many pinholes once the gloss white was in. Good thing I botched that other stuff above, because now I have two excuses to sand and fill again before moving forward. Oh well. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be satisfying to finish. Edit: Also, the FiberGlast resin came in today. I plan on applying it to basically everything but the shins, forearms, and biceps once I’m satisfied with my fitting. If it seems relatively flexible in the other parts, I may use it there, too. I just don’t want to make them so rigid I can’t put them on.
  4. I bought them about 2 years ago, so I honestly don’t remember their size. They seem to be about 5/8”, but I can’t guarantee it. Sorry. After reading through some other threads, I’ve become really dissatisfied with my helmet’s (incomplete) paint job and decided to sand it down to try putting another, better layer of white before working on the details. While sanding, I discovered some pinholes and divots that needed filling, so I plugged them up with some years-old spot putty. It feels like I’m making progress, even though all that work actually put me further behind where I was when I started. I’m not shooting for anything beyond Level 1 approval with this build (I don’t have the bandwidth to maintain more than 1 costume at that level, tbh), but I *do* want the helmet to look as good as possible, since that’s what most people focus on when they see a TK.
  5. Hi. Respectfully requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22687
  6. Here you go. I picked up a soft plastic “For Sale” sign and cut it into squares. I made sure to put the colored portions on the side that will eventually get glued to the armor. The other side of the snaps will eventually be formed around my strapping system or whatever needs to be attached. I also took the opportunity to add a chinstrap to my Kylo bucket, since I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now.
  7. It’s been a while, but I’m back! I’ve had to deal with some family issues and general laziness for a depressingly long time, but I’ve finally built up the energy to get back to this. I’ve spent a few days researching everything I’ve forgotten and all the new stuff you all have discovered since I’ve stopped working on my kit. I’m currently ordering some resin to strengthen up parts of the kit that others have noticed were weak, and have been making snaps by the dozen in preparation for a quick trial fitting to make sure I don’t have to retrim (and more importantly, repaint) any pieces. No pics today, unless you all REALLY want to see some snaps.
  8. I was able to put in a few hours on Sunday and managed to prime almost every piece (ran out of room on the tarp again :/ ). I also put on a few coats of gloss white on the helmet. Another light sanding and 1-2 more coats and I think it’ll be ready for painting the details. The “glue the crack Andre epoxy both sides” method seems to have worked. I’ll bring in my power sander next week since I maaaaaayyyyy have put way to much epoxy on the armor. I also managed to try on most of the pieces, and I think I’m going to have to do some trimming. Specifically, the shins seem a bit too long - I got the tall shins since I’m 6’0”, but that seems to have been a mistake. I’m not sure how to recreate the layered look for the cover strip edges, but I suppose I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it. It looks like I’m going to have to trim and re-glue the thighs to make them slimmer and shorter. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be able to fit my hand between my thigh and the thigh armor. Jimmi’s kit looks like it can only be assembled via the overlap method. Should I stick with E6000? I’m unsure of whether there would be any benefit to it since it feels like the armor would tear if I tried to pry apart two pieces that were E6000’d together.
  9. He got back to me and recommended I do exactly that. I’ll see how it works on Saturday.
  10. Hi everybody! DS-55305 here, hoping to become TK-55305. Although we have a lot of TK’s in my garrison/squad, I’m the first one to try an R1 down here. I doubt I’ll be there first to finish, though. I can only work on my TK about 2-4 days a month, so this is a marathon, not a sprint for me. I ordered my R1TK from Jimmi about 3-4 months ago, and it arrived about 2 weeks ago - cheapest shipping option ftw! I was way too happy when I saw this. Unreasonably happy. Like “I’m an adult, I should not be this happy over a costume kit” happy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really go through it until today. Unfortunately, there was some damage to the codpiece and right thigh (and minor damage to the butt plate). I’ve sent a message to Jimmi, but if I can’t get a replacement, I’m not sure how to fix it. I think I can fiberglass the inside, then use bondo to smooth over the crack, but if anyone has a better idea, please let me know. In in the meantime, I’ve plastidipped the inside of the helmet, put some primer on it, and used spot putty to fix the (very few) imperfections in the helmet. I also drilled out and filed down the area between the teeth, so I feel like I’ve made some good progress here. Next week I hope to paint the helmet. I’m thinking of buying some oil-based paint pens for the blue inside the vents and the black lines in the tears/traps. Am I overthinking this? Would a paint brush be just as good? I have basically zero artistic ability, but I’m willing to keep trying until I get it right. Side note: I’ve decided to prime and (white) plastidip the insides of the armor rather than sanding the interior because I HATE sanding. Hopefully it works out. Fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone. R1 seems to be edging out ANH (and TFA is totally out of the running). I'll look into the price differential and ponder for a bit.<br><br> Edit: Well, it looks like no one's offering R1 TK armor at this time anyway. I guess that settles it.
  12. The thing is, I love the OT TK's. My original plan was to build an ANH-Stunt. But I also love how they've by updated it for R1 and gotten rid of the wonkiness- I lean heavily on the "idealized" side of the spectrum. And while I don't like FOTK quite as much as the OT, the opportunity to do "TR-8R" with the baton and riot shield is VERY appealing, too. Gonna have to mull this over. I was hoping one of them would be significantly more comfortable, or at least make it easier to move around.
  13. I'm trying to decide on a TK, but I honestly like all of them (including R1 and TFA), so I think I'll use comfort as a tie breaker. Does anyone have a ranking of which TK is most comfortable to wear and/or easiest to move around in? I'm also curious as to what specific annoyances each individual TK has (e.g. ANH Hero's bubble lenses making it even harder to see). <br><br> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Would it be a good idea to lay in some fiberglass on the inside of the thinner plastic parts for support? Or would that cause other problems?
  15. Hi,<br><br><br> Some of you might know me from the SLD, where I've been working on a Kylo Ren for a few months. Initially, I was torn between making a stormtrooper -ANH-Stunt- and Kylo, but I chose to embrace the dark(er) side. <br><br><br> I'm mainly here for research purposes so that when I do pull the trigger on my trooper, I'll be ready. And if I can talk my wife into trooping with me as a stormtrooper, even better <br><br> Edit: I can't seem to get rid of those "<br>" things. Sorry
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