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  1. Hey, this month marks my 10 year milestone with the Legion. I'm still listed as 'Pending', so I have been missed in the bulk update a few times. I guess in the long run it doesn't matter. It's still annoying though.
  2. I remember this being an issue last year, and I was told to 'wait until next Census'. Well, next census is here, and I still see this: Jolly Roger Squadron (Approved) Bounty Hunters Guild (Approved) First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (Pending) Any chance this can be fixed now? Cheers.
  3. So I'll not be affiliated with FISD for another year? Seems a long time to wait. My OCD will go nuts.
  4. Still, kind of sucks not to be affiliated with the detachment of the suit you wear the most. Now ultra stupid question time; when the change does happen, will it be noted on the newsletter email? I rather like reading those.
  5. I still have both my Legacy TK and ANH TK. No, I didn't tell anyone - sorry about that. How can I get my detachment affiliation fixed?
  6. So I was not able to vote for Detachment this year because of this: Jolly Roger Squadron (Approved) Bounty Hunters Guild (Approved) First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (Pending) It's been like that for years. I'd actually like to be able to vote next time. My Legion ID is the same on both forums. My email is the same. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. The kindred sole site didn't work out for me. I ended up buying a pair of boots off Ebay that matched basic CRL requirements and added the white strip down the front on my own. I now have a pair of Gio boots that are perfect. I did complete the kit, here's a pic from DragonCon sans helmet because I haven't installed fans yet and I just couldn't handle wearing it:
  8. I also got a pair of Gio boots, it did take him a while to deliver though. They came the day I was leaving for DragonCon I know he's involved with FO ties and Phasmas at the moment.
  9. Ok, so everything is fitting, some things are large, some things are tight. I am now at the stage where I'm just sanding the edges and getting ready to glue the permanent bits together. I'm going to be using ABS cement, it's what I used on my TK and it's lasted what, almost 7 years now without giving up? Good enough for me.
  10. Thanks! I'm a little worried that I'm on the tall end of the suit. This past weekend I was able to fit the thighs and the shins. The calves don't quite line up with mine. Once I get the thighs assembled I'll hang the knees and see where we're at.
  11. Nice. I'm really finding my statue and the CRL immensely helpful. I tackled the helmet today and managed to get it mostly together. Just some painting and the lenses to put in.
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