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  1. Not too sure where that picture came from... But the original stormtroopers, both stunt and hero, did not have any sort of mesh or fabric behind the teeth.
  2. Are you kidding me!?! They will always be the original and even more iconic now imo.. no way in hell
  3. Oh no, those are terrible maybe if it is extremely cold out like you're trooping on hoth and wear them under rubber gloves that's okay xD
  4. You didn't make it, you assembled it... just say no, I bought it as a kit like a model, and assembled it myself.
  5. I went to wal-mart and got a pair for 10 bucks with no seams, fit like a glove..
  6. Why not just go to Wal-Mart and get a 10.00 pair lol... all do the same thing
  7. For me I used some 60 to really get it even, a higher grit will make it smooth sure, but it will still be wonky as hell, so i use a 60 to get it perfectly even, then a 200 to get rid of the roughness, then use a 1000 to get it perfectly smooth, without even wet sanding all the corners of my armour were as smooth as the face of it
  8. Isn't that average build around the same as the actors in 1977?
  9. Ew second one is fugly, first one looks pretty good though
  10. Get them from RS.. they make good stuff, you can get other white leather boots, but they by no means fall under the category of "good" haha.. either that or paint some yourself
  11. Not AM simply because it's inaccurate.. otherwise they're all pretty much the same, depending on who you ask they might have different opinions.. the AP helmet is slightly less accurate because of the smoothed cap and back but besides that it's just price, wait times availability etc.. as a newbie you would never know the difference
  12. Oh I see, the wording is just a bit confusing since they're listed under optional accessories, just as their EIB and centurion requirements are. thanks for clarifying
  13. Am I missing something? Blasters are optional.. the CRL is for if you do have the optional blaster, what it's requirements would be.. guessing this is because of travel issues, regional restrictions etc
  14. No the movies were gloss white ABS plastic while the helmets were a khaki coloured HDPE
  15. Oh yea I can wear it, looks fine once it's on with padding. I guess it depends a lot on how it's made too.. How about AM? It is not as pricey
  16. 5 11 ish 130, no armour fits me lol.. but this was before the armour was trimmed
  17. I have a friend who is 6'0 215 lbs and he tried on my armour, theres no way in hell he was getting into it without adding at least 4" shims on either side... thats not to mention the legs and arms as well.. But I mean I guess it more or less depends on the person, he is a 38 waist
  18. Did you use clamps ad let it cure overnight?
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