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  1. Thanks for sharing your trunk pictures. I cant believe this 2014 post is still getting some traction.
  2. Love the inside! Great job by painting the un-recessed sections of the case you'll notice the scratches a lot more. the opposite would preserve the paint much longer. great looking case tho! alan
  3. If anyone is in need of the decals and custom nameplate they are available for $99 US + shipping. Send me a message with your details and I'll provide you with the finishing touches for your cases.
  4. If anyone needs the custom decals & nameplate they are available for $99 US + shipping.<br><br> Simply message me the details and I'll send you the finishing touches.
  5. The decals are peeling off? Really? No I haven't had any issues so far and it's been 2 years. All I have are scuff marks from banging into doorways or using it as a beer table
  6. Yes. the Krylon Fusion is formulated for plastic. I didn't need any prep work such as sanding or primer. Just sprayed it 3-4 times. It dries fairly quickly so you can do it all in one afternoon. The longest part of this project was taping it all up. Take your time as it will save you headaches when you peel the tape off. Make sure you press hard along the edges of the tape to ensure you minimize the paint bleed and get sharp paint edges.
  7. I don't know exactly why mine had a clean edge. I remember really pressing down the edge of the tape to make sure nothing got underneath. Also it was a painters tape that I used. And I also let it dry before removing.<br><br> There were a few spots I had to touch up but nothing major.
  8. My imperial cog is 8 inches in diameter. I had it printed at a local sign shop. All I did was give them a high res image I found online.
  9. You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. Looking forward to to seeing pics of your progress. I painted my husky box some time ago and I still get lots of compliments
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