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  1. Yea, I am planning that actually...I just needed a few days to stop being frustrated about the situation and then need to organize a plan for documenting the process/problems.
  2. Well, I've run into a plethora of other issue with this suit. Note to those reading - NEVER buy your suit second hand, especially if someone has already trimmed/put together a lot of the pieces. I am having to go back and fix most of the fit and finish, and make a ton of adjustments. Turns out now, straps are the least of my worries. I need to side shim the kidney/ab plates, trying to mount the knee ammo and knee guard pieces, etc. And the guy who had the suit before me really butchered the eye sockets on the bucket. I tried flat lenses, but due to bad beveling, rough trim - they just snapped. I think the bubble lenses will wind up working better for me, but it's yet another purchase I wasn't anticipating. Oh well - lessons learned! I'm going to keep working on this suit, knowing it won't really be fully up to 501st snuff, but it'll give me practice so I can purchase a raw suit and do everything from scratch.
  3. I don't suppose you ever got around to making a tutorial on this shimjob did you? I like the look of it, and would like to try that on my own suit...
  4. So - 3 pages deep into the topic and I've only seen 2 examples of shimming in photos. I don't have a suit that would be approved for full on trooping methinks - but nonetheless, I have a full ANH Sandtrooper suit, and it appears that I am a bit too thick in the middle to pull it off properly. For someone that doesn't necessarily have to adhere to strict guidelines - are there any good examples of shimming that's been done that doesn't look quite as janky as the shimming seen here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/18228-tk-4584-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status198am/ ? I liked the look of the riveted shims personally, but I understand that wouldn't fly for 501st approval. I'm sort of stuck with a set of armor I bought second hand, that I should have inspected better when I 1st got it - as there's a ton of fit and finish work I need to do. One of the most important parts being the shims. Any and all advice would be appreciated - especially anything that includes really good photo references.
  5. I'm not quite trooping yet. I'm mostly done with my suit, but need to rig up the straps and snaps, and mount my lenses and mouth mesh in my bucket. I've been trying to find some local Oakland/Bay Area folks to lend advice/assistance, but thus far haven't had any luck. Tutorials are ok, but I do much better with "monkey see, monkey do".
  6. If my ultimate goal is to weatherize for a sandtrooper build, do I want the armor highly polished?
  7. You know...I thought I had tossed a few 200 grits in my cart as well, but I musta backed out of that part of the order. Oh well, I have Amazon Prime, so I'll just order some of the heavier grit papers too right quick. Good looking out...that was my plan initially, I just got excited jumping back and forth between tabs and forgot! lol
  8. Absolutely! I just ordered a few different grits of paper and watched a few tutorials for wetsanding ABS. Once the materials arrive I'll begin my foray into fixing these things. I'm excited (and nervous) to begin!
  9. Hey all - The set of armor I got is relatively decently assembled, but the fella I picked up the suit from, in my opinion, cut a bunch of corners when assembling. A lot of the edges of the armor or kind of sharp and could very easily be uncomfortable to wear. he also made quite a few less than perfect ABS "welds" (the acetone/abs paste mixture). My question is - what grits/grades of sandpaper should I invest in to address these issues? Before I bother with putting snaps and attachments and all that sort of thing to the armor, and before I even consider doing any sort of painting, I'd like to get it all smoothed out in the rough spots. I did some searching to see what folks have been using, but I seem to be coming up empty. Thanks in advance!
  10. Cheers to all! Thanks for the warm welcome!
  11. Yea, I think I'm going to give that a go...someone mentioned earlier in this thread that Ross/Marshall's has that type of thing for cheap as well, so I'll try a few spots to see what things fit like. Cheers!
  12. Thanks folks - I'm excited to be part of the community!
  13. Hey all...I just got my armor today, and I need a good undersuit for it. I have been reading the various threads about them, and looking at the sizing charts for some of the various sellers (in particular on ebay and Amazon). I'm kind of confused about what might fit me though due to my shape. I'm not a tall guy (just shy of 5'9"), but I have rather large/broad shoulders and chest (around a 48" chest), and I'm a bit chubby...not obese - but I have around a 37"/38" waist. It looks like the majority of the suits that would fit my chest/shoulders are wayyyyyyyy too tall for me - typically made for what seems like a 6'1" guy. Does anyone have any tips/hints or advice for finding the appropriate undersuit for someone of my height? It can be a two piece deal - I am not married to having a unitard type suit - but I want to make sure I'm getting stuff that won't either be too big for me, or way too tight to wear. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  14. Hey all - My name is Marco (aka DJ138) and as noted in the title, I hail from the wilds of Oakland California. And I really do mean the wilds...I live in East Oakland, on a hill overlooking all of that gnarly crime you hear about in the news. I literally just got my 501st approved armor set today, and I'm excited to start my foray into costuming! I'm sure I'll wind up having a million questions for you veterans - looking at all this armor and the accessories, I definitely have my work cut out for me. Thankfully the suit itself has pretty much been cut out and the main parts have more or less been assembled, but I have to figure out all the snaps and straps and attachy bits and pieces so I can actually wear the suit correctly. If there's any other folks from the Oakland/SF/Bay Area around that might be able to help me out, or meet up or what have you, that'd be super rad-tastic. Cheers all! Marco
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