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  1. My boys at school at the moment look what hes gonna get when he gets home It not too clear in the photo sorry iphone but I ran him up a little holster for his E-11 using TM's measurements as a basis. He's pretty much good to go now Just waiting for his under-suit to arrive then he's applying to the academy.
  2. Quicky update. Chases armour has been primed painted and sealed so far we are here: Still legs and belt to get done. Anyone know where I can Pick up a mini pauldron and undersuit?
  3. What's the uk pricing and delivery for latex stunt?
  4. Same issue. I replaced the mic with a cheap unidirectional one I found in a pound shop and it gave an instant improvement. I have also found that the icomm works better with stereo cables rather than monos. Can't say for sure if the icomm has a stereo mic and output interface or if it was just the new leads that helped.
  5. Manged to find the original trilogy sheet music in a tiny little music shop day before the wedding! It was worth it just to see everyone's face as we exited the church to the throne room
  6. Help me FISD your my only hope..... Getting married in 4 days and am having the "The Throne Room" from a new hope being played as my bride comes down the aisle. Problem is my sheet music book "A musical Journey" isnt arriving for 6 days from amazon. I'm in a bind here can anyone scan me the throne room score for piano or organ? I wouldnt usually ask but its last minute freakout and my princess is having a fit f0xtrooper
  7. Since I built my armour my son has been desperate to join in the trooping fun. Tried TM but unfortunately he wasnt making anymore in my sons size so in desperation I bought a a set of kids sized armour from a fellow member on the boards to suprise him. Boy was it a suprise! although un-assembled it was a mess I think it is some kind of FX style armour that someone has attempted to scale. Not moaning as I was fully aware a little work would be needed. Suffice to say it required a LOT of work (i.e. Bondo, styrene and whole lot e6000 ) Pieces needed re-trimming and re-shaping and finally a paint job. I have been working on it off and on for a few months and its finally starting to reach near completion (well at least a point where I am not too embarressed to show it ) Chase's Mini-Trooper Its presently balancing on the pipe skeleton I built for my son. He's 7 and growing like a weed so I'll expect adjustments for a while I painted up the helmet for him and have a nice gloss white paint job. Just missing the tube stripes and hovi's. Trying to source some mini hovis but will probably have to fashion some out of milliput or something. All for now but here's a little pic of the almost finished helmet and especially for the ladies Beach Troopers
  8. I originally did my lenses as the ear screw method. But they were so uncomfortable I had to forgo the accuracy as there isnt a lot of space in the helmet and it was rubbing against my eye; and to be honest I couldnt see me wearing it for a 4 hour stint. I removed all the padding and lenses and basically went back to the begining. I cut up a set of foam knee protectors to use to pad the inside of the helmet and give it some more space. I filled the eye surrounds with milliput and popped in some motherboard standoffs to hold the lenses. I ground off the outer screw with my dremel leaving this just another option http://forum.mepd.net/public/style_emoticons/default/salute.gif
  9. Way ahead of you...I mentioned I was marrying the love of my life
  10. The time has come to stop walking the jungland wastes alone. On August 24th f0xtrooper is finally marrying the love of his life Although supportive of my obsession my missus isn't as in to the "wars" as me and says any references in the wedding celebrations must be subtle (all I said was It would be cool to get married in my armor, whats so wierd about that ) she bought me these for my wedding suite: Anyone got any ideas where else I could sneak some "wars" in
  11. I would love to check out RT armour wish someone vaguely close to me had a kit I could checkout. I have read that this and fx we're good for us "tall troopers" What about the authenticity of the kit?
  12. okay made a shim for the AB by heating and bending some spare ABS. Attached both cod and AB to the shim to get an extra 1" of height at the front. The chest piece is fitting well and the armour is actually more comfortable than my original mod ??? Attached main snaps to the new pieces to get it on the mannequin. With exception of the masking tape im feeling the armor is how i want it and prepared for infant school troops. Still got to make new reinforced canvas straps and weather the new bits. When I finally do my clean TK im gonna have to look for a different set of armor designed for "taller troopers"
  13. Bugger I knew you'd say that. Gonna have to shim another inch and a half somewhere else.
  14. Re-doing my ab /chest. Can anyone tell me how much of the highlighted section has to be covered by the belt. What would be my optimal position for the belt to allow my new shim to extend the ab section? Cheers
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