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  1. I almost never come back on here anymore. But I just had to. I just can't even think straight right now. Jenny was one of my first TK friends I had and she just liked one of my posts on Facebook the other day. I don't even know what to do.
  2. Congrats Steve - folks should see the research he did prior to the build. To me that's the most impressive, if not invisible part of this application. To often we (including myself) hack away and do things on the fly, but preparation is clearly best practice. Steve you should post a pic of your binder!
  3. Looking good so far my TK neighbor. Looks like I really need to pop on by again and check out your progress on the TK!
  4. Congrats! Looks good. If you notice that you're getting "crooked leg syndrome" ie, your thigh is angling inside - you can try a little foam on the outside part of your thigh and it should straighten your thigh piece out a little. (I have skinny legs so if I don't do that my legs always look a little broken).
  5. Velcro on your boot to where you want your shins to be.
  6. That was a ton of fun. Can't wait for next year! We DO look good in that CBC TV shot! ... hehehe
  7. Hey all, long time since I posted here. Thought this was a worthwhile post since it's the first time ol' Chooka and I were able to troop together as Centurions. We even got to be on TV. I luckily was able to deftly slide left before the interview. All joking aside, Chooka did a great job and I can't seem to find the interview for the local news I don't think the TV host would like this pic floating around... someone caught her in a little bit of an unusual facial expression. hehe...
  8. You COULD but I do have a legit reason for not going - sister's bday
  9. Yeah I know, I needed to get a bunch of things sorted on my end both in life, and mentally. I feel like I've been missing out on my extended family for way too long. I need to start to push myself out there.
  10. Hi all, how's everyone been lately? Did I miss anything exciting? I heard we have new requirements now!
  11. Really nice other than the black eye paint, I think it's good to go!
  12. I always knew it was a no-brainer! Welcome to the EIB club Andrea! Next Centurion!
  13. Don't seal your lenses up and use fans. I have two squirrel fans and I never had my lenses fog up - even in a very sweaty, crowded convention.
  14. We do love the Bloodfins! I'm not sure I can make it next year but I will try to hit up GenCon again if I can! I have to visit my massage therapist again.
  15. Yeah definitely that's the case as I saw the inside pictures. It creats an upside down "V". If you have tight straps like the left you'll be fine. Thighs are brutal, I have to walk up stairs like I I have something stuck in you know where but, in my personal opinion. I like the look of as much black reduced as possible. You won't lose too much lateral movement (ie no stairs - check out the silly stuff Andrea and I did this weekend in our TKs) but you will find it hard to climb stairs which you rarely do anyways trooping.
  16. Not bad trooper! The only obvious comment is that the thighs need to come up quite a bit. Shouldn't be too much gap between the cod and the thighs. Unless you're a super tall guy (then it can't be helped generally). Your left ab-kidney looks good (with the use of the rivets) but you definitely need straps for the right as well. Ideally should be a nice straight seam.
  17. It is funnier if you know that the first car actually belonged to that TK. It was a bit silly of a party - by the end of the night my kid had a chest piece around his neck like Flavour Flav.
  18. We get bored and hump each other's cars. Not sure what got it started? Maybe it was something about that pony car.
  19. I think you should just go for it. Just keep moving.
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