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  1. Brian, you're right on the TD. I constantly check mine. Paranoid it's going to be jacked by some kid looking for a souvenier.
  2. YES! Get that armor built! We need you at the Biscuits game and would love for ya to come on to Green-vegas if ya could in August as well! Any Q's, don't hesitate to ask. Also, did Rob's come pre-trimmed? (If so you lucky son-of.......half the fun is posting pics of the armor and asking everyone 'OK, where do I cut?')
  3. AWESOME work Tim! You've already proven to be a valuable member of the Garrison, (unofficially, I know). I know it's hard waiting on armor, but when you get it all put together and go on your first troop, man it's something special.
  4. You want to leave enough of the return edge to give the armor some weight and thickness. Much of the top of the bicep is going to be under the shoulder bell somewhat. The blue line looks right to me. About the same edge that you left on your forearms in the pic above this one. Also, keep in mind, you need it to be comfortable and fit your arm snug, but not vice-grip.
  5. AWESOME. Glad you could make it, Tim. I was hoping to get down that way, but couldn't.
  6. I here you man - but hang in there it's worth it! I spent three months on my AP kit and made tons of mistakes - even after I being approved I kept going back and redoing things - lots of work but when you're out trooping its definitely worth the long hours
  7. It's not fun going solo but sometimes a TK has to do what a TK has to do! Two troops at Greenville and Luverne Public Libraries this summer - At Greenville, tons of kids, Star Wars Bingo, snacks, prizes and very handsome TK (other than an errant brow trim!).
  8. Had a similar crack on the return edge at the bottom of my chest. I guess it came from lifting my arms and the chest plate getting stuck on top of the ab and popping. I used super glue since you can't really see it.
  9. Rob's a good guy. I was about to get on his list for some armor, but an AP kit came up for sale here and I took it instead. I did get one of his "stunt" lids. It was a beauty (a little too large for me). I ended up selling it on to someone here. Good luck with your suit!
  10. 6-1, 188 right now and AP fits me fine although I had to shim the sides. I also shimmed the backs of the thighs... As for your forearm, did you test fit it with your undersuit on? That sometimes makes a difference in regards to having a tight fit - of course you mentioned it was tight on your bare arm, so you made need to recut and size again. Shoulder bell height looks good. Yep, back plate needs to come down some.
  11. Oso - no advice just wanted to say great build!
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