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  1. Someone on the RPF thinks it spells FEAR, which looks like a pretty good match.
  2. I was looking at those new Vanity Fair pictures and noticed this guy in the background. What do you think? Link to gallery with all the new pictures.
  3. I believe in one of their interviews at Anaheim, or maybe even a post on the RPF, Anovos said there were different sized helmets used for the production of the movie. The one that they were given access to and subsequently based their helmets off of was a larger one.
  4. Hello all, I'm looking into getting a MTK lid but I just want to make sure it will fit my huge noggin (I wear a size 8 1/4 hat). My current helmet is an MRCE and my face presses up against the faceplate pretty uncomfortably. If someone with an MTK could take these measurements for me it would be greatly appreciated! For comparison sake on my the measurements on my MRCE are... Front (right between the eyes) to the back: 9 inches Side to side at the tops of the ears: 8.25 inches Thank you!
  5. Once and a while when I get the "Arn't you a little fat for a Stormtrooper" remark or something similar I say back "Well, if they didn't want me to eat so much they shouldn't have made the buffet on the Death Star all you can eat!"
  6. This is going to sound hard to believe, but I ran into the two reps from the Museum Replicas booth Friday evening at a near by pizza place and they remembered me since they said I was one of the first people to stop by their booth on Thursday. Armor aside, they seemed like pretty nice guys. The younger representative, Shane, seemed to be a little more grounded than his superior when it came to the armor. In a nut shell, he admitted that the suit in the end wont meet the expectations of the die hard fans, and that he would like to see any mass produced costume that ever will. I am not sure if the market for this armor exists. Basically they are gearing this armor towards someone who can tell its nicer than a Rubies suit, but someone who is also NOT familiar with the amazing fan made suits associated with the 501st. I don't know too many people who would fall into that category. Odds are if you have a good enough eye to visually tell that the MR suit is nicer than a Rubies, you are probably also aware of the nicer (and cheaper) fan made suits out there. I will say though I did order one of their Officer hats with the coupon cards they handed out
  7. Problem solved, I gave them a call and I got my answer. Thanks!
  8. Hey all, I am in kind of a pickle and was wondering if anyone might have some insight. I just recently read the article about the cool perks of being a Hyperspace member at CV, which lead me to check out my Hyperspace account on SW.com for the fist time in a while. Once I got there it would seem as though I am not a Hyperspace member anymore. Here's where it gets confusing. 2009 was my last year as a "paying" Hyperspace member that I remember, since it just did not seem like the club was not worth the expense anymore. So I turned off my automatic renewal. Then a few weeks ago I got a 2010 Hyperspace Fan Kit in the mail, which lead me to think "Huh, maybe I got automatically signed up again anyway?". But as I said, when I log on my account says I need to sign up for Hyperspace at this moment. So I am not sure what to think. I e-mailed sw.com and I am hoping to hear back from them, but I was wondering if anyone on here might have an explanation for whats going on in the mean time? Maybe I signed up for Hyperspace years ago at a weird time of year, so my membership only lasted part way into 2010?
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! Convention Newb questions: "Will Call" is just for people picking up their tickets, right? All I will need is to have my badge and I can go right in Thursday? How early should one get there before the doors open?
  10. Hey all, I just got my badge for CV in the mail today, and I am very excited. Thing is, I have never been to a convention before, let alone a big one like CV, and I am starting to feel a little intimidated by it all. I'm hoping some more experienced Convention goers can share some words of wisdom? What should I bring, what should I make sure to see, etc?
  11. It probably wouldn't hurt to get the opening dimension either, but I think in general as long as the helmet interior is larger than my MRCE it will fit. Granted I have to put my MRCE on sideways also, but like Mark says that's pretty common. So any other volunteers for measuring their helmets? Pretty please? I know there are a few of you out there who have practically every helmet ever made
  12. I've used E6000 on my armor, my car, and my shoes. Might just be the best glue ever!
  13. I know I already started a thread kinda on this subject in the NCO, but thanks to a suggestion from my girlfriend last night I think I have a system that would help me find a helmet that fits w/o having to try on people's buckets in person. This might even be useful for future troopers with big heads. I'm looking for helmet owners of all kinds to take two measurements from inside their buckets: 1) From between the eyes, right on edge of the "ridge", to back between the trapezoids 2) From the top of one ear, to the other. Here's a picture to better illustrate what I mean: For example, the measurement inside my MRCE are: Front to back: 9 and 1/8th inches Ear to ear: 8 and a 1/2 inches Any help will be greatly appreciated! -Hayes
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