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  1. I guess us TFA troopers should consider ourselves lucky-- we get not one, but two convenient belt pouches that are roomy enough to hold even the largest cell phones! ~JJ
  2. Almost didn't recognize him without the hat
  3. Yeah, the idea was to do a much lighter version of stormtrooper-style weathering using fuller's earth/water/hairspray, etc. I'm only going to use water solulable elements, so I can return the armor to pristine quickly if necessary. Is there a particular reason why getting approval as a standard FOTK would be the preferable route~? Just out of curiosity. ~JJ
  4. Sorry for the necro, but I'm still curious about Trooper Finn approval. Would it be possible to get his "Jakku raid" appearance approved, with the bloody helmet, etc? Is that distinctive enough marking? How would one go about inquiring about such a thing? I don't want to bother dirtying up my Armor for no reason FWIW, the Rebel Legion has already decided NOT to allow any of the Trooper variants of heroes, including Finn, as they consider them disguises and not representative of the actual characters. So the 501st is the last place I think Trooper Finn could fit, otherwise it just becomes a costume stuck in limbo, which I feel would be unfortunate given how iconic that bloody handprint has become.
  5. If they start pre-selling for the TFA trooper before they've delivered on some of their previous high-priced orders (like Vader, Luke and Han belts, etc), there's going to be a riot over on the RPF I think lol
  6. Does anyone know the name for the style of suspender rig being worn by Mark in the Omaze Force For Change video? I could swear I have seen other troopers use a similar set-up and really want to try this to keep my armored pants up! Video is here: Thanks guys
  7. Mmm, that is one sexy blaster, Mr. Randall, whereEVER did you score it?!
  8. As in, the holster? R2Dan sells tho. There is no actual D-ring but there is a d-ring holder I sell as part of my kits. Germain's files stickied should have it as well.
  9. There are some differences-- the color is different, the mic-tip is oriented in a different direction, and a couple of shaping differences likely as a result of the injection-molding process. But yeah, I don't see anything so drastic you wouldn't be able to at least get Level 1 approval.
  10. The ATI Strikeforce stock WILL fit on our blaster as it's what we used as a prototype for DragonCon. However, I can tell you right now, the Rubies one will almost assuredly be undersized as it is designed for small children and is much smaller than our full-sized blaster. Just a heads up before you go dropping cash and coming away disappointed!
  11. Sounds even worse... if it's risky to wield a blaster and a helmet inside a private space like a movie theater for fear of being mistaken as an active shooter, seems like it'd be damn-near suicide to carry a WW2-analogue submachine gun with your face covered (which is illegal in public anyway) outside on the street... Surprised that a manager would even suggest doing that as an alternative.
  12. Hey Ian, The standard kit is 14 parts total, IIRC~ Very excited to see what people do with their kits!
  13. This is a lot of help for someone like me, who still hasn't been able to figure out how the frak the shoulder gaskets are supposed to fit.
  14. I submitted a ticket about mine and got a prompt response but no ETA on how long the exchange will take. Really would prefer to have a pristine one in hand in time for the premiere...
  15. What material is this? I'd love more mobility around my shoulder joints.
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