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  1. Would like to order? Is there a thread where i can get more info.sorry on tapatalk at the mo Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Team Here are some pics of a AM FX lid i bought about 3 years back. It was sitting in the box until christmas week and i decided to build a TKC Helmet, Still need to change the Mic tips, get screws, and add another teeth. But do you think it needs more weathering? Any feedback is much appreciated. I didnt want the FX lid to go to waste. So i will have this on display. Thanks
  3. Hi Team here is a pic of the troop we did for Child of Sabah - Autism during the weekend, where we managed to raise RM1084.35 This troop was together with the Brunei Outpost, during the HobbyCon2013, It was a really good day for everyone.
  4. Hi Guys Does this placement look ok to you? I have checked with the centurion trooopers that are requesting centurion status, and i think i am following all of them.. can you let me know if i can go ahead and do this. Thanks I have also painted the bottom leather that is attached to the holster to black
  5. Shins are sorted Need help with this thigh ammo, I know i need to replace the rivet, but can i maintain the location or does it need to be exactly at the corner? Many thanks Any advice is appreciated
  6. Here is how i have mine mate, do you think it needs to be flush at the side to pass centurion? Or can i just glue it as it is? I have a abs inside that i shaped so it will stick well.
  7. Mate thanks for this pics, yes they are very helpful., dont worry about the delay, ...it keeps me coming back here as well to learn on other stuff. You been a great help. Also do you use Velcro?
  8. Yeh good luck, and again..take your time. Build to centurion if you can...
  9. The first one has capacity of 2500mAh, dc output of 5.0v, however its powering my 12v fan just fine, and good enough not as powerful as the lithium battery pack i have But i will test this, and if it works, it keeps the helmet lighter And you can charge it on your laptop USB port, or any usb port
  10. This is what i have, the black rod fits nice in the helmet, i have 2 of this. The silver one can also be used...i have not tested how long they last, but will do this weekend
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