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  1. That whole thing looked really tempting at first, but shipping to Germany is more than $400, so that's a no
  2. Trim it yourself, that way you can be sure that everything is as you want it to be,
  3. Hi Brod, RS is definitely a good decision to start with. Are you only talking about your measurements for the undersuit that they will supply you with? If yes, just go for the clothes size that you normally have. Greetings, clown3y
  4. Personally, I really don't mind how impractical this new black Death Trooper armor might be, it just looks really cool. It's not that white plastic armor would be practical in desert environments either. And speaking of new OT TK armor: We want to see TKs in action, right? Well, to achieve this, they need to be able to move significantly better in their suits. Did anyone expect LFL to recast some ANH armor? I did not. And i'm fine with these minor changes because it still looks like a Stormtrooper and 99/100 people won't see a difference between both old and new. And this one person out of
  5. Oh sorry, I mixed them up just as he did. I'm pretty sure he means the buttplate as well
  6. Hi! So i assume you mean that the curving on the kidney and the cod aren't aligned perfectly? If yes, that is nothing to worry about too much. When you finished the strapping, things will look different. Could you maybe post some pictures so that we can see what exactly you mean? Cheers Mario
  7. A bit too Off-Topic maybe.. But why did FN-2187's armor and helmet get this dirty besides the bloody hand print? He wasn't even fighting!
  8. clown3y

    Armor ID

    There is. Believe me
  9. clown3y

    Armor ID

    It took me a few months to get into this topic and even now, i still find out about small details on TK armor that i never even thought about before. As RainTrooper said, until 6 months ago, i also couldn't spot any difference between a FX armor and a RS kit. But after researching for several months now, i feel like i can tell the manufacturer of nearly every armor i see.
  10. clown3y

    Resin E-11

    It looks OK , but besides having a falsely glued-on charging handle, it's also missing the little "cover" pieces (i always forget what they're called) both on the shell ejection port and the one on the front. Also, the price is kind of ridiculous for a plain Doopydoo's E-11
  11. That's pretty narrow-minded to be honest. If you read the ANH Stunt CRL, you'd quickly find out about this (Level 3 certification): Tears/traps shall be hand painted or use decals that emulate hand painted (with correct ANH TK details). Also, as some have already pointed out: If done correctly, you trim the parts to the point where they fit you perfectly. And if the Trooper then looks as it should when worn, there's really nothing wrong with granting someone Centurion status. Really.
  12. Damn, that was quick! Looking great so far. Going red definitely is a good decision.
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