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  1. Good work on the kit...just in case I missed a post..where you get the "storage box" from?
  2. Good God man! there going to be beating down your door thinking your an "arms dealer" or something!...(then again, they may do that to Chuck too!) Good kit by the way.
  3. What ???? You got a "work gang" do'in your kit??? Not Fair!!!!! Hope it works out.
  4. First...IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!! (and a damn fine one too!) Next if you get down to it...."No Mando's", then "No Clone's"....I think you know the last group to fall off the list! (and just for that I think I will have 'nuf black ABS, too do a Shadow Troop, and a very 'Mando TK'...... ...just to hear the lip's flap!!!!)hehehehehe
  5. You rock terry! Saved them to fav's and just ordered a iron online!
  6. Pssssstt! Any one here got the "Shadow Trooper" lid EFX put out last month or so....I got three!
  7. Well, that's good to hear Tif....what trooper can go without pay! But...just what is it you'll be doing?...Oh and if it feel's a little odd from time to time working there...well a good troop all way's keep's an "Eye on his/her 6"!
  8. But what dose this cam look like? Can you post a pic or two with it hooked up in your lid?
  9. Didn't know you have a web page, now added to fav's
  10. You are going to place a black mesh screan over the new "vent" hole's right?
  11. I don't think Marks intent was to be a "bad trooper", but a 'I'm frustrated with my build' comment.(or I hope so) We've all at one point looked at a big pile of plastic and tryed not to , so with that said, Ahhhhemmm, "Mark as a long serving Harmy Boi, now that we told you, we now have to you!"
  12. well now you can see what a real "Mando-Boy" get's with just one "Trooper SKS Luv" add!
  13. Well hell ya if the thing works well. To make "hot" air I can see as being EZ, but "cold" air when the outside air is like in the high 90's???? That's the trick.
  14. If you look at the rear rank, the first trooper show's it best, the drop box is in line with the side of the thigh plate, and cover's the spot where the top of the thigh plate and the bottom of the cod/but plates don't cover. So yes the point of the drop box is to protect the body(and body glove) that is not covered by armour.
  15. Some how I can see this as being True!!!!!!
  16. I remember back in 77-78, my father ran a company that built and re-made office space as in new office towers. I was just a young teenage lad working in an adult world It must have been about 78 when COMINCO (my spelling) was re-doing thier computer room. It was the largest air conditioned room I ever was in at that time. I had to tape off the wall mounted computer's, that's the big reel to reel tape type of computer's, and hang a clear plastic sheet to cut off any dust in the air that the night shift construction gang would make. Am older lady (well to my eye's then older was like 26! ) was working at a "work station" with what looked like a small TV. She looked at me, smiled and asked "Like to make the Death Star?". Well other then her very large "BLEEP" that girls can get, I was down my ladder and at her desk faster then going for coffee Time! And wasted about an hour playing with a "light pen" as she showed me how they did the comp stuff for the film. Because I was the "boss's son" I got away with stuff other guy's could'nt! So I think not only was I the first kid on the block to play with a computer, and do SW stuff on a computer!
  17. As all ways good work Panda. I have the same kit but also a real folding stock and counter, but no scope yet, but have an idea like to run by ya and see if you think it'll work. I'll pm ya.
  18. Well hello all, I'm 3/4 of the way out of the CF(military) and now am starting the last bit of stuff, VA ect, and look to be on track for the 15th Sept dead line.......just one more blood test, and oh can you read the bottom of the chart.. ......
  19. The Immp/Commando is just the old RC Commando's but with just a "name" change to start them off. They start as a small det of the 501st, and Vader personally commands and issues their first mission orders. Later it would seem that the ISB also issue some mission's for them but the overall command is still the 501st.
  20. OK troop's I now got my SDS TX rig, and to show how happy I am ......I'm getting an other TX rig from an other guy! Say.......why don't that "Tupperwear" guy pull nice gloss TX stuff with his moulds...that would look nice.....anyway will post some "get off my butt and open the box" picks this weekend..(stuff came just in time for a new round of "Doc-visits" )......My link Yes..Yes..a fool and his money....I got THREE(3) on order!
  21. OK troop's will move this to the "Shadow" section........
  22. Shameful, just shameful....you could have at least have got your black body glove on........(just nod and smile and say ....yes Sgt...right away Sgt!...
  23. I wan a "Mando" language forum so I can inprove myself.....and pick-up Mando-chic's!
  24. Hmmmm, OK.....from where?????????????
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