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  1. Some members of my garrison actually built a speeder bike. We use it in parades and one of our TBs rides it.
  2. I was surprised that no one had already posted this information, but here it is Stuart Freeborn died February 5, 2013 in London. He was 98 years old. He was the make-up artist behind the look of Chewbacca and Yoda. ------------ Another part of Star Wars history has passed on, rest in peace Mr. Freeborn.
  3. I had to play around with mine but it is a make up of my late father's birthday (5/3/40) 4053, because without him and his willingness to take me to see a silly science fiction movie when I was 9 I never would have started this obsession. Of course, if he was still alive he would be sharing in this obsession along with me as he loved the films as much as I do.
  4. Wow, this thread has been around almost 4 years now. I really need to make links to the pertinent information for people starting out wanting to lose weight that are near the beginning of this thread. I'll give a quick background and sum up 1. I have a degree in exercise physiology and although I don't look like it, I am also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. 2. When looking for how much you should weight, look for body fat percentage not body mass index. You'd be suriprised, if I showed you the BMI of elite Alpine skiers, it isn't always in the "healthy" range. Your body fat percentage is a more accurate indicator of fitness. 3. When looking at your caloric intake you should find your Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the number of calories needed just to maintain life in your body while being a couch potato. It is approximately r75-90% of the total caloric intake you should consume to maintain your current weight. 4. Please do not take your caloric intake below 1400 calories a day, whether you are a man or woman Studies have shown this to be damaging to your immune system and you will find yourself more run down and getting ill more often if you do. 5. Exercise, but to moderation. Moderation is a term used a lot. and last but not least.... If you should find yourself slipping once in a while don't fret. The term you need to always remember is NO GUILT! I'll try and get those links posted here ASAP.
  5. If you can sew, I did my ISB officer complete for about $200 including sewing. Purchased only the belt, greeblies, buckle, and boots. So there are options out there. If you do decide to make your own, check out the tutorials on the IOC forums.
  6. Mine is a combination of a childhood nickname (Tigger) because I couldn't sit still and bounced all over the room. Which evolved into one of my favorite characters from the books and movies and the year 1968 which is the year I was born, and the year Walt Disney introduced his cartoon Tigger to the world in the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh...hence tigger68
  7. I needed this today at work...thank you for making me spew Blue Bantha milk all over my monitor...it does take some time to remove. I think I'm going to make this my desktop for a while...replace my "Focus" one. Thanks again Daetrin for posting.
  8. I'd like to start out this year (I know I know it is halfway through February) with welcoming the new faces. I love reading the stories and wish I had my own success story to add to them. Unfortunately circumstances kind of worked against me this past year and I haven't been able to keep up what I'd been doing. For those of you new to the topic, please go back and re-read the informational posts earlier in the topic. Especially those on determining caloric intake, hydration, supplements, exercise recommendations, etc. There are also topics on determining your BMI (which I'm not a fan of because it is basically a height weight chart that most athletes fail) and other good things. I am going to have to check out that book "The Paleo Solution" and the website. It looks like it contains a lot of good info. Remember, if you are quite overweight, or have other health problems, please see your physician so they can make sure you are not at risk for heart problems if you begin working out. We don't want to lose you to something that is supposed to help you. Cheers!
  9. That can be arranged...Let me get on it, as an ISB Officer, I can make TKs disappear without anyone questioning... Seriously, you did an awesome job on the whole build. Good luck with getting it ready for Centurion!
  10. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't think that E-11 is accurate enough. I think you need to send it to me for further evaluation All kidding aside, you did an AWESOME job. My hat is off to you. It was well worth the time and effort. Congratuations.
  11. You can still play your DVDs on a blu-ray player. That's what I do. Besides most movies weren't filmed in HD so going back and purchasing them again probably isn't worth it. Can't wait 'til it comes out!
  12. Almost every day we take about 20 minutes and put together a mad lib. One of the Project Leads has a Star Wars Mad Lib book and she starts an internal Instant Message group and we all contribute words that she selects to make the mad lib of the day. Today's mad lib was hilarious, and I just have to share it with the FISD. Enjoy, and please, do not have any liquid in your mouth when you start reading this. THE GARBAGE CHUTE Leia, Han, Luke, and Chewy were trapped on the Death Ardvark. Behind them was a dead end, and in front of them, Imperial storm-sponges. Leia thought fast, grabbing Luke’s horseshoe and blasting a hole in the wall. The four flying nuns dove through, only to land in a garbage chute filled with crazy liquid and twinkies. They were safe from the stormtroopers, but there was one pointy problem—there was still no way out! Things went from distinctified to worse when Luke was captured by a slithering fruit bat. Just as Leia, Han, and Chewy freed him, the pop tarts started closing in on them! It looked like they were going to be as rudimentary as pancakes, when a muppet went off in Luke’s head. He called C-3PO on his comlink. Thankfully, C-3PO figured out how to stop the walls from cringing. What a close call—too gooey for comfort! I apologize in advance for the "storm-sponges" it wasn't my idea, my idea was the word muppet.
  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Now all that Tigger in the video needs is some white armor and an e-11... I'm glad I can help out any way. The FISD is a great place to be and I can't wait until I can afford and fit into white armor. Oh, and I got the SW cookie cutters for my birthday.
  14. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Very nice photos.
  15. Tom, after seeing the videos, I don't want the U.S. alcohol and fireworks don't mix. I hope everyone had a safe 4th. And those that trooped in parades, that you survived the heat and the march.
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