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  1. I'm 5'0" and had to shorten the ab price but that was the only major mod. I did a build thread which details that mod. But other than that this suit accommodates short me very well
  2. Yup! I'm a shorty at 5'0" on the nose. Though my build is not 100% done,because Reasons, all of the armor parts you will need to mod are done. Check out my build thread and if you have questions feel free to reach out I will answer questions if I can! Good luck!
  3. Which boots are the trouble the High heel or the Low? To my knowledge there are ladies out there who have had both approved
  4. Yes, it was KW Designs. His website is: imperialsurplus.com; his email is: kwdesigns2@verizon.net, and on Facebook just search KW Designs. You can contact him through email or Facebook I believe but I sent an email request for info and then he sent me all the info needed to order.
  5. Thanks Bobby, can I ask where you have seen it or just the post I've made on this forum? I am having a hard time finding pics we took that show the different angles to see my problem spots.
  6. Test run complete! Learned a lot of important things and have some mods to make. Glad I wore it before I made it pretty cause I have work to do! The thighs go past my knees just a bit so that meas they rub badly. Not sure it this is cause the thighs are to long or just to far down, will have to look into that. Also, I lost just enough inches during the making process to need to make the ab smaller cause it is just big enough to not really stay where I put it, it wants to slip down just a smidge. Also, the ab and kidney want to shift making the kidney slide up and poke me in the arms when I put my arms down. =( Need to trim just a bit more from the length of the forearms Made the thighs just a smidge to big, or lost just a bit enough to make them want to slide around. Didn't loose any of my calves though, they are still pushing the limits of my shins. sigh Biggest issue is that when I have the helmet on it sits on my breastplate and the eyes are up to high so I can't see. I need to find a way to lower the breast plate a bit so I can wear the helmet. So...project continues.
  7. Ok, No laughing... first try-on. Keep in mind that I learned during the try on that one of my thigh straps was to long so its sagging just a smidge and my shoulder bells didn't have the snap on yet. The belt was not on cause I wanted to fit the rest. And I just have yet to finish the TD cause I am still trying to figure out if I want to do Statue version or Comic Book. that decision is harder than I thought I would be. I think one day at ATXCC will help me decide if I can troop in the heels. without further ado I give you, a VERY short Legacy Stormtrooper! [/uR Please begin the critique/tutelage/advice portion of our discussion.........NOW!
  8. Thanks Jen, I feel like its getting close. I think I may take it out to Austin Comic Con this weekend for a spin. Its not 501st ready by any means but it is wearable. This will give me an idea what adjustments I need to make before the finishing all the little pretty things.
  9. And now to put it all together. Here is a leg sorta fit with tape just to see where everything goes. attached the elastic to the knees attached the knees to the thighs could NOT get the knees to not gap in the front. Finally just decided to take the high road and stop throwing a temper tantrum. This was my thinking outside the box solution later I will prepostion the elastic on the sides and make it so I don't need the elastic "x" under the knees but this will work for now Added snap plates on the front of the chest and elastic straps on the back Added the webbing to the kidney/butt plates to join them Straps on the shoulder bells Snaps and straps on the kidney and inside the thighs Snap plates on the chest/abs Also built up the boxes for the sides of the belt but didn't remember to take pics of that... except this one... Sorry Here is the carnage of my work area... and just about everything strapped just needs to cure Tomorrow I try on, wish me luck!
  10. So anyone watching the news knows that we have a little hurricane thing off the coast of Mexico, which is both terrifying AND causing serious rains here in TX. So its a day inside for me and mine. Which means lots of work done. Couldn't have come in at a better time, since Austin Comic-Con is next weekend! YIKES! So we have pictures but not a lot of step by steps. Most of the rest of this build has been exactly like everyone else's. So here is where we are today... First is the belt. This little piece was a pain in the tookus. So many little boxes all had to be cut to the same dimensions or they are all wonky I found that using the little wooded tongue depressors I could get all the sides even like this then just trim the line that way they are at least the same size as the little box holders that go inside Marked their position on the belts numbered them so I know which one goes where. This would not be an issue if I had made sure I measure the distance between the holes I drilled in the box holders...=\ Adhesive in the edges will make sure that the outside box actually adheres to the inside box Strapped them on with some blue tape and set aside to cure. Next, putting it all together and strapping in all in
  11. I would love this info as well. Also sweltering here in TX. =(
  12. Thighs are pretty straight forward. The sides are butted. I pretty much needed every smidge I could eek out of them so I just used a straight edge to the last available indentation and cut. Cut it off super straight. the straighter the better to line them up, the better they line up the less crack I have to fill with ABS paste. Cut out strips for the inside to brace the butt joints, cut it off to match the angle of the top edge Sand both sides that will be stuck together, glue and brace with magnets or clamps or something. Do the same to the other thigh. When it all sets up you just do the same thing on the other side. Tada
  13. ZOMG almost Austin Comic Con! I better get a move on! Worked on Shins and Thighs today, not mine, but mine... errr anyway. As I have laminted before, I have chunky thighs and big calves. SO we are going to add a cover strip on the back of the shins to eek out a bit more room. Here is the problem At the largest the gap was about 1.75 inches so I cut two strips that size but that seemed to big and most of it was more like 1.25" to 1.5". SO I measured out strips 1.5". sigh I sanded up the lips where I would be adhering the cover strip and the Velcro. I ran the Velcro along the lip of both sides on the back of the shin to get the measurement. I have found that because they are sculpted by hand these pieces are not always symmetrical. This way I get an accurate measurement for the piece where I will put it. Always mark/label sides and things. Its surprising how easy it is to accidentally glue the wrong piece to the wrong place. =\ Roughed up the underside of the cover strips and then laid the loop (softer) half of the Velcro down and drew a line along the edge so I would know where to put the adhesive. Then just used my wooded craft sticks to lay down thin lines of adhesive to the cover strip and the Velcro, wait the two minutes for it to set up, then stick them together. After the Velcro is glued on the cover strip add more adhesive to the non-Velcro side and adhere it to the shin on the outside edge (you marked which one was the outside right?) and clap it down to set up. Rince and Repeat on the other side Every thing needs to set up for a while, a day is best but after a few hours you can take the clamps off. Once the clamps are off you can use the same process of glue to glue down the hook side of the Velcro to the inside lip of the shins. The hard part is resisting the urge to try them on until after they have 24 hours for the glue to set up. =(
  14. Thanks Nienke, I wont lie. I freaked out for a month before I was brave enough to alter it. If I could have found a way to alter my torso instead I think it would have been less nerve wracking. =)
  15. Thanks Greg. Haven't decided yet if I need to but I feel better know how to do it if it gets to that point. E6000 takes so LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG to dry! blarg
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