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  1. Following. I think the fact they are wearing a mixture of armor or buckets both OT and R1 is interesting. You basically can't take a straight R1 and make a remnant kit with it. Great discussion!
  2. Sorry to revive and old thread, but I just thought I would mention that I've posted 3D STL files for R1 style T-Tracks here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4826975 They are as close as I can get based on photos and measurements. I've included varying lengths and a small stub part that you can size to your needs. Hope that helps someone.
  3. Just curious what you think about Nico's helmet. I bought the STLs for OxProp's helmet and have compared it to Jimi's helmet and they are very close, but the printed one I have is taller just like Nico's. I really like how the OxProps helmet has all the parts in pieces. He also has the eye bump. Not sure if Nico's has all the pieces and the bump. https://www.etsy.com/listing/828817069/star-wars-stormtrooper-tk-helmet-rogue?ref=shop_home_active_28 I may get Nico's as well and print his to give it a try. By the time my build is over, my entire family will have buckets. LO
  4. Wow Jason. Really great work on this. I may have to look into the J hook. What kind of cord is that going through the J hook? Looks like you're using a tab with a hole through it to hold the cord in the shoulder bell. Great work on this! I watched these episodes of the Mandalorian last night with my kids and kept pausing it and they got really annoyed by it. "Daddy why do you keep pausing it!?!?!" "I'm doing research!" Ha ha
  5. Thanks but that's the same link that I have in my comment. I'm looking for much closer photos than that. Showing more of the detail. Really interested to see if there are photos of individual pieces not on a display. The reason I am asking is because I've just trimmed a forearm piece incorrectly that will now have to be replaced. I really don't want to keep repeating that mistake, but I've noticed several other places where the armor isn't trimmed clean cut some of the lip (or return) was actually kept on the armor. Mainly the forearm and the shoulder bell. Are their photos of parts individual
  6. Hi there, Working on my ROTK build and looking for more reference photos. I've looked through a lot of the builds and there are some good photos there as well. I've also found this: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/28-r1-tk-reference/ Are there other photos somewhere else that I'm missing? It looks like the reference gallery is down or gone. Working on the forearm, biceps, and shoulder bell right now but I'd love to see some closer up photos of all of the parts if they exist. Anyone know where these might be?
  7. Thank you so much everyone! I can honestly say that I already feel at home and encouraged to really get down to business on my armor and weaponry. Take care and stay safe all!
  8. Happy New Year to all! I've been reading about armor for months and have started gathering resources and guides on armor. First I want to say, this is a pretty amazing site with an incredible amount of knowledge on it. From costuming to 3D printing to just general questions on trooping, it's amazing to see so many helpful people. I'm based near Fredericksburg VA and have two kids (3 and 5) that have recently become obsessed with Star Wars. My daughter told me yesterday that she wants to be a bad guy instead of a good guy. My reply was "Excellent!! <evil laugh>". I
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