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  1. I looked at every page and I am simply amazed! You did a awesome job the best all metal E-11 I have ever seen. I will be buying me one soon.
  2. I agree most of the guys don't feel a need to go further as their armor is better than they would have put it together, once i helped them put it together. I Work with a wide range of ages, and from folks from California all the way from Chicago, I actually had somebody fly down so I could help him with his armor. Granted he also came down on vacation to visit some relatives but for three days we worked on his armor and then he left and went back home after a week in Arizona. I had a guy drive down from northern California for three days with his teenage soon, helped him with his armor then he left I told him to submit his EIB application and he never did and he was a older guy. Had a guy come down from his army deployment and helped him do his armor and told him to submit his EIB and he was 20 something and he never put in his application for EIB. So I feel it doesn't matter their age, like Luca said it is more than likely no incentive their armor is lv3 once I help them complete and they don't feel they need to win any awards even though it would be a shoe in or very easy to adjust.
  3. The only thing I can think of is laziness or they are just not smart enough to go through the whole process. I practically build the whole kit for them, take them to buy the elastic and show them links to buy boots, gloves, neckseals,, holster and canvas belt. I just think our society wants you to do everything for them or they won't even try it themselves.
  4. I find it the hardest to get them to go to the forums and put in for EIB. I can build the armor for them take all the necessary pictures, but I can't make them post on the forums to apply for EIB.
  5. Congrats Eric glad I could help, you should be a show in for EIB and Centurion! I'm going to the MS walk on the 2nd of November maybe I can meet you there so I can help you kit up.
  6. Michael culp TK1636 EIB Letter size http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/1636-eib.png
  7. Michael culp TK1636 Centurion Letter size http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/1636-centurion.png
  8. I have built a couple of KB props FO's for my garrison mates, I currently have a couple of video on Youtube on how I did it. I also just helped a member in AZ finish her KB Phasma, she just needs to paint it. I have also helped some Californians build there armor, one mailed it to me and two others came down and I helped them build the armor over three days.
  9. One day I hope I can be half as good as you Tony, but on a side note I find all I mostly do for my garrison is build all the troopers not just TK's
  10. I'm going to try in Sept, hopefully it will be done and won't be to crowded. On a side not I am going to try and set up another Fireteam shoot in the desert next month.
  11. I am glad I could help hopefully we can meet up, I will be going to California to Disneyland for the Star Wars park.
  12. Here is the last big armor piece the back and yolk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9in2WGRjiX0
  13. Later tonight i will upload the back and yolk plus show all the parts i have finished. I still need to glue a couple of minor parts, i also need to get both belts and gloves to finish the kit off. Lastly i will see if he wants to paint it or if i am just going to hand paint on the black details.
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