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  2. @The5thHorseman Hopefully this version does the trick
  3. いいね! うまくいけば、彼はあなたがあなたの提出を終えるのに必要な情報を手に入れるのを手伝うことができます。 あなたのイベントで楽しんでください!
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  5. Yeah getting a kit from either TM or RS with a holster and strapping kit would be about the same as the cost of the SDS. The blaster would be extra and I’ve heard of Australien customs not liking blasters but Q could answer that better @gmrhodes13
  6. みなさん、 教えてくれてありがとうございます。 返信が遅くなって、ごめんなさい。 私は明日イベントでBrianと会う予定なので、その時に彼に尋ねます。 Thank you for teaching me. And sorry for late reply. I will meet Brian at the event tomorrow, so ask him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the reply Daniel. The prices I listed are the full build including shipping. I never really considered doing the build myself but I suppose I could look into it a bit more, especially if it saves me money and I get a better quality item.
  8. Hey Scott and welcome to FISD Just asking, is the prices for TM and RS to do the build for you or are the shipping that expensive? It´s not that hard, it really isn´t I promise, to build it yourself. SDS is cool, in my opinion, based on only one thing, you get armor made were the original suits were pulled (unless they mass-produce somewhere else) But that´s it. Beeing your lifelong dream I can´t stress enough that you should not get the SDS, you will not be happy with it in the long term unless for said reason and I still don´t recommend it But the most important advise is to do what you want and the things that makes you happy
  9. I tried to delete the sideways pics but it won't let me. The sideways pics were straight until I posted them. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. G'day everyone. New to the forums and have just started the process of signing up with my local Garrison in Australia. So I have decided to finally fulfill a lifelong dream and take the plunge and buy a set of Stormtrooper armor. I have read a lot of the great info you guys have posted over the years and made contact with a few builders. Troopermaster and RS Props are the two that stand out, both looking great and and excellent customer service. However this set of armor that I plan on purchasing is going to be primarily for display purposes, with the chance of trooping a few years down the track if I'm lucky (young family etc) To have a set shipped to Australia is around $2700-$2900AUD ($1700-$2000USD) So out of curiosity I checked SDS (que collective groans) and to have a set shipped is almost $1000 cheaper. $1800AUD ($1250USD) So my question after this hugely long winded post and appreciation for sticking with me this far is... For armor that will be primarily displayed, do I go the cheaper route with SDS and cross the fix it up bridge if/when I apply to do trooping? Or do I pay the extra for a better quality set now on the off chance I get to troop one day? Thanks for taking the time to help! Cheers Scott.
  11. Thanks for picking this up. Sniper knee shots here. Will need to take ammo pack pics after weekend when back. I’ll start work on helmet teeth next week Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Almost, you’ll need to have the holster removable and an extra one for ESB as they had the holsters on the right side with loops. You also need a different blaster. Those are Sandtrooper handguard variant called cheesegraters.
  13. Woot, woot!!! BBB day!! Finally after a year of lurking and learning on the FISD. That's the good thing. The downside is we are currently remodeling a kitchen in an old house we recently bought. So...that comes first - Stormtrooper comes after. Anywho, on with the good stuff! I gave TK-5107 a ride home from work so we took a preliminary look at the contents. TK-Kitty approves I'm terrible at following instructions It's amazing how well packed the kit is Later, at the house in need of immense TLC. The kit includes mesh, stickers and green lenses. Not sure how the stickers for the teeth work... Helmet cushion, S-trim, brow, hovi tips, hovi tip screens, and hardware You don't really appreciate the amount of parts and the enormity of the project until you un-box everything by hand... (and appreciate the cost). Oh, and my god are those thighs huge! I have a lot to trim off. But, better to trim than shim if possible. Hand guards by @justjoseph63 in there as well. (Purchased separately) Anticipation...It's making me wait. Would it be safe to assume that with all of the ESB extras include, if I bought another helmet I could have an ESB kit in addition to AHN? Not quite sure what the two bottom ab plates are. Guess I have more research to do. Holster already procured by Darman: Boots orderd from Imperial Boots. Soft goods still need to be purchased. Various other supplies still need to be gathered. Giddy and ready to join the Empire, Ray --Ninja edit: Aiming for L3. Please critique accordingly.
  14. Holley and I got back from our first professional photoshoot with the new costume. All we have (for now) are the low-res JPEGs, but we'll get the hi-res versions later on for whichever photos we pick out. Photo credit goes to Avalon Photo: https://www.instagram.com/avalonphotonh/ A few highlights from the shoot:
  15. I did mine with 2 shades or Blue, a darker deeper blue as the base and the a few light passes of lighter blue for highlights, then I move on to dark grey for weathering.
  16. Thanks for the additional Germain. I knew he made some props but wasn't aware he made costumes
  17. First of all, Thank you all for the warm welcome, I'm honored to be working towards becoming a member of such a friendly group of people. Yes, RS informed me that my order will take eight weeks to build, it is a commission made to my measurements and specifications. I'm alright with waiting, it'll be worth the wait I'm sure. I am very much interested in qualifying for EIB and Centurion, I ordered not only the armor, but also the helmet, the blaster, the soft pieces, the body suit, and the strapping. I've been doing research into checklists for EIB and Centurion and I look forward to seeing my armor in person so I can evaluate the small details more closely. Thanks again everyone, I'll be in the forums preparing myself for BBB day! For the glory of The Empire!
  18. Hi! Yes before we proceed, you'll need to remove the overspray on the teeth (although I'm not 100% sure it's not just shadow). If you look at the reference photos, you can err on the side of stopping short of the gums. You should be able to clean it up with mineral spirits or paint thinner. Could you also please post close-up photos of: * the inside and outside of the thigh ammo pack rivets (to check rivet type) * Straight on close-up shots of the front and both sides of the sniper knee (to check alignment) Thanks!
  19. Side note-I'm also ordering parts for a Line Officer build. The tunic and pants are custom so it'll take a while, so It'll be a little race on which one I actually get done with first since there is TONS more work involved in a TK build than just waiting around for some custom outfit to arrive. However, I went ahead and ordered some other parts of the build off ETSY. Canvas belt: Trooperbay Neck seal: DarmansProps E11 blaster holster: DarmansProps AND the Imperial boots wave just opened so I just ordered some White TK boots and a Balaclava.
  20. So here are some updated pics of my in progress bucket... HUGE thanks again to Eric Dyck's YouTube channel. Set up a small area to work. Added decals, installed the brow, and got things lined up and clamped. Installed the visor and ears, and tube tripes. PLEASE let me know if there are any critiques. Got the teeth and ears painted and the frown mesh installed. DAMN YOU hot glue gun! Got the "beard" and ears finished up. Hovi mics were painted and installed next... I also installed these little cap nuts on all the exposed threads inside the bucket for a little safety. Going to be working on the finishing touches tonight. Went to the store(s) to get some of the other tools and equipment needed, but looks like I'll have to order some of the odd snaps and stuff online. Thanks again!
  21. Well here it goes... I'm actually late to starting this thread because I could not wait to get started and I've been doing a ton a reading, research, been super busy, life, blah, blah. So the official BBB day was May 17th and have taken things out, sorted them, and just done some general inventory. I went with the AM armor due to my size and research suggested AM was better for a larger trooper build. I'm 6'4", around 220lbs on a good day, so yes I'm very excited to get things moving along. As I'm writing this, I've done quite a bit of reading and utilized Mr. Eric Dyck's youtube videos for assembling TK helmets. VERY helpful! and I've gone with Ukswrath's 1.o TK build to help me with the majority of my build. Thank you so much Tony if you happen to read this! So here are some pics of the first few days of excitement... ALSO I will be shooting to integrate as many Centurion elements as I can, SO PLEASE feel free to critique!
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