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TK 42584 new Stormtrooper

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Hey everyone, I'm Andy (GML) of Garrison Excelsior and (DCA) of the BHG, newly approved with my FO Executioner.


A little about me... I love making costumes.  The executioner is my 8th approved legion costume.  I swore I'd never do a stormtrooper (or any costume I couldn't sit down in lol) but by chance some armor kind of fell into my lap after building the Mando Praetorian Guard and I could have either sold it or built it so I went for it.


First outing was this weekend and the troop went well, everything held up fine with no real issues.  Only thing was the cod armor really pilled up my pants so I think I'm going to line the edges with EVA to prevent it from chafing through.  Mission report coming up!



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