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Using UV resin to repair armour cracks.


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I got my first crack after 33 troops, not a bad run.  I decided to try something different, having had to work with fibreglass building my death trooper costume, I picked up some new techniques. 


Here is the crack in the chest piece at the neck line. 



Materials used:

  • UV resin
  • paint brush
  • tape
  • UV light
  • scissors
  • Bondo fibreglass cloth


  • sandpaper





First, I taped the outside side of the crack to align it and hold everything in place. 



Next I brushed on a thin layer of UV resin and cured it. Took about 10 seconds 



Next, I cut a piece of the fibreglass cloth to cover the area .

Then I painted on.another thin coat of resin, applied the cloth onto the wet resin and then dabbed another layer of resin onto the cloth to soak it in.

Once this was done, I cured it again



I then added a few more layers of resin curing them as I went.



Finally, I sanded the repair smooth with 11pm grit sandpaper




There was a slight edge to the repair, so I sanded it with 220 grit sand paper, then buffed with 1000 the 2000 grit sand paper and finished with Novus polish



All repaired in less than 5 minutes 




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Similar to what I have used, automotive resin and fibreglass, you just have to be careful not to add too much hardener as it can cause heat build up when curing. Using a UV light is obviously a lot more stable and no issues of heat build up, nice work

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