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From clone to storm?

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I very recently completed a 501st animated clone to officially join the legion. I would also like to add a storm trooper to my costume list. I'll be spending time looking over the forum here for ideas and all the helpful information as I look over the CRL list to decide what I want to build.

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You are in the right place, Brent!  Tons of info. here, but always feel free to hit us up with any questions.  :jc_doublethumbup:

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Hello Brent and welcome aboard, I found trooping in my TK much more comfortable compared with the clone trooper. Some great threads full of info:



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Hi Brent, welcome to FISD and the Legion.

Good to see you are on the evolution path from Clone to Stormtrooper, you will have two awesome costumes to troop in.

Plenty of information on this forum so ask as many questions as you can and we shall make sure you are well on your way to making the best set of TK armour you can.

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Welcome Brent! :smiley-sw013:

Now that some time has gone, do you know what the most likely build for you will be?  Excited to hear your thought process! :peace: There are a lot of different angles and one can take on this like, most common, easiest to put together, the most unique and so on!


Here is a list where we can see our costumes within the Legion!




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