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[33] TK-22423 Troop log

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Edit; 17/2-23: I give permission for FISD to repost my photos on social media in an appropriate fashion.

Edit; 5/3-23: Please use only the photos where I'm alone though, as I don't know if others want their photos shared.


Today was my first (I think official) troop! Well, it was a virtual troop, but it worked anyway!


The Nordic Legions (501st, RL, MC) recorded a video for social media for May 4th, there were some technical difficulties but I hope it came out good.

It should be out tomorrow or something on Nordic garrison's facebook page, I think. Will share a link when it's out.


I'm the trooper between Kylo and the scout, under the other Kylo. Fun times!:D


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  • 4 weeks later...

So, today I had a more official TROOP! It was a run (walk) for Hjärtebarnsfonden, it was me and 3 others, including Vader, a TIE and a Royal guard. We walked about 2,5 km (half of the real run) and took some photos. The local newspaper was here too, that was fun! Altough it all only took 45 minutes, it was fun none the less. :)





May update if I get any more pictures.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not official, but I want to post it anyway. Surprised a friend who recently finished school by wearing my armor to his celebration at the beach.


Here I am on my way, good thing it's only 5 minutes walking away from where I live.

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  • 1 month later...

My first birthday troop!


It was me together with Vader and TIE from previous troop. We arrived about an hour before the party started and hid in the EOs garage to dress up.

When the time came we came out to the imperial march with pizzas in hand, it was a surprise to be sure (but a welcome one) both for the birthday boy w/ siblings and to the guests.

We talked a bit, took some photos and gave the kid a birthday diploma and a lanyard from us.


The meeting only took 5-10 minutes but it was fun nonetheless, but the best part I think was when we were about to leave was the boy saying:

¨I actually wished that you would visit me...¨


Good times! :D

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  • 4 weeks later...

Second birthday troop!


Together with Vader again and his son as royal guard, when we arrived, we hid in the garage again and dressed up.

Walked out and surprised the party, gave the kid a diploma and lanyard, took some photos and Vader started a treasure hunt for the kids.

Some might have been a bit shy or scared to take a photo, but as we were leaving, Vader got many of them to "Hail the Galactic Empire!", fun stuff! :duim:



On another note, don't know if it's sad or funny; Vader told me later that me and him have had about double the amount of troops than most of the garrison this year.

I know there has been a shortage of troops lately but that surprised me a bit.


Anyway, troop done! Onto the next!

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  • 1 month later...

Biggest one yet, a troop for a bullied boy who hadn't had ANY friends and this was apparently his first birthday party!


Vilda Kidz, a group that specialises i these sorts of things contacted and called if we could help, so we became 9 total characters (plus handlers) coming up to Luleå for a surprise!

The party was to be at Alkatraz, an entertainment place with gokart, lasergames etc.

So, we arrived, I met some new people (one had come all the way from Stockholm) and later dressed up.


There was still some time left before surprising the party so we took some pictures in the lobby, one girl especially became ecstatic and told us that it was "a dream come true", so thats fun.


Here is some pictures from there:


ABCvSsO.jpgNotice something...?


So when it was time, we scurried and hid in the changing room for the lasergame and came out later and surprised them!



So when that was done we went upstairs and took some more pictures and handed out some presents from NG!



So after some more photos and saying goodbye we went and took our costumes off (saw though that the glue for one of my shoulder bridges had come off. :wacko:)


We were later offered dinner at the restuarant there from Vilda Kidz. 

Soon after the boy and his mom came to thank us and told us it was "his best day ever" and that he would someday like to join the Galactic Academy as a jedi!


So, great fun was had and I got to know some more things, such as that they had been looking for normal TKs up here in north Sweden and now they have one! :smiley-sw013:


Here is also a facebook video from Vilda Kidz (albeit in swedish).


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  • 2 months later...

Today was a troop for Musikhjälpen (The Music Help), a collaboration between swedish TV and radio that each year hold a charity centered around kids.

NG was asked to participate as they've done years before, online however, because of the virus.

It was a bit of trouble with scheduling first but many members actually appeared on TV!:D

Not me though, had some problems both with my helmet fans not working correctly and not really knowing if anything was seen.

So I took everything off a bit in and watched the rest on TV. I don't think I got on TV so unfortunatly no photos of this troop of me.

I think it went well though overall.:)

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  • 4 months later...

Happy May The 4th! Today I got two small online troops under my belt:


1. Nordic Legions online celebration, Just waving a flag around as I didn't have any good fantasy. :blush: Facebook link: https://fb.watch/5gOhyu8-MX/


2. And for Wilda Kidz; World Asthma Day, jump while breathing through a straw to simulate having an asthma attack, not a big difference from just being suited up. :P



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Number 10! :D


Me and Vader got the chance today to do some actual trooping at a school in town. They apparently had a Star Wars themed day and asked us to come, great opportunity for using my new electrobinoculars from Joseph!^_^

We came there and took our time dressing up, when it was time we came out of the gym with smokescreen and the Imperial March playing.


All the kids was in awe, and we both began to give out fistbumps, high-fives and I also borrowed out my blaster to whoever wanted. (One even wanted an autograph!:o) The kids were everywhere , it took some time interacting with all of them but eventually we slowly made our way to the green screen they had set up and began to take pictures. All the kids got their photos taken and then some of the teachers got theirs.



After some more talking and interacting we went slowly back into the inside and ended it with Vader showing off his lightsaber in the dark gym.


It was a short and fun troop,:duim: hopefully there will be more live events in the summer!

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  • 2 months later...

Today I had a GREAT troop! :D


It all started with another trooper, a Sandie, wanted to help the owner of Bureå Camping with a LEGO event. The event was to have 13 out of 16 of the contestants of Swedish LEGO Masters TV show (the owner being one of them) together with some of their works and some more LEGO centric stuff.


Sandie asked around if anybody wanted to help and he got me and another family of troopers (Jedi, Mando and Tusken) on.


So, after meeting eachother for the first time, I went together with Sandie up to the camping. And after being shown around we dressed up and got to work! :smiley-sw013:


I was together with Sandie for the most part of the event, from 11.00 to 16.00. Longest troop so far?:huh:


Many wanted photos and high-fives and so on. (MANY!) :laugh1: It was later aproximated around 600-700 people showed up during the day!


Me and Sandie got to know eachother well under the day and I hope I get to troop with him some other day too!:duim:


We all had great fun! :D



The Guys


Lastly, we took a big photo together with the LEGO Masters people!


BUCKETS OFF! :smiley-sw013:


To summarize, one of my best troops yet! :) I'm so happy I found this hobby!

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Nice work trooper, looked like a great event and good to see you helping a fellow trooper out, just don't let his dirt rub off on you :laugh1:

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  • 1 month later...

I had a troop at the Finland border last saturday, went up to övertårneå for a party for kids. Up there they have rarely ever had anything like this so Vilja, sister company to Vilda Kidz from last year, arranged a party for every kid up there. It took some time to get there but it was worth it in the end. :)  I went with the family from last time and we gave out many high-fives, hugs and photos.

Some highlights include:


Meeting Nassim Al-Fakir, swedish actor and artist, he perfomed at the venue too!


Are they not suppsed to be older? :huh:


And a group photo at the end of it!


Real fun as always! :D

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  • 1 month later...

THE biggest troop by far was this weekend, Stockholm Comiccon! :happyandcheerfulbirthday:

mr13BNm.jpg(I'm behind the snowie on the right)


My first troop at a con, and what a great one it was! It went on through 3 consecutive days and I met a lot of new folk, can't wait to meet them again!


And I finally got to meet some more regular TKs!:dancing-trooper: It has been to long of a time where I am the only one!

WdagrMn.jpg(Second one to the left)


We went out multiple times out together and we all had great fun!

V1z3wjJ.jpg(Right one)

sVlrYKW.jpg(Left one)

Though sometimes I went alone or found some others to tag along with. :)



2 times a day there were cosplay parades where the Nordic Legions led cosplayers through the building and that made many smile!

rbBFShc.jpg(In the middle between the 2 TKs)


Although it was all fun, it really was exhausting, so I did some supporter work from time to time too!

PNlpANb.png(I call this one; "Tired Trooper". :P


I can't wait for the next one! :D


(PS, does this count as 1 or 3 troops, since it went on for three days?)

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On 11/9/2021 at 5:29 PM, LEGOeatPokemon said:

PS, does this count as 1 or 3 troops, since it went on for three days?)

Every day count as one Troop:salute: 

And..it was great to finally meet you in person :)

We do look great don’t weB)


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On 11/10/2021 at 12:29 AM, LEGOeatPokemon said:

(PS, does this count as 1 or 3 troops, since it went on for three days?)

Really depends on how your garrison/squad counts their troop attendance, ours counts multiple days at one event as only 1 troop, others count each day as a troop ;) 


Some great images there, well done trooper

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