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Stanleycup35 Requesting Pre Approval Review (RS)

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1.  Nate Banbury

2.  Garrison Tyranus/Inferno Squad/Northern Virginia

5’ 10”


TK type - ANH Stunt



Armor - RS 

Helmet maker- RS                                                                                

Cloth belt maker-RS

Neck seal maker-RS

Boot maker-RS

Blaster maker-RS











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Pic links fixed
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You may want to add your photos directly into your thread, having to follow links off forum is a little hard, using an online free image host is what most of us do, Imgur is a great one.

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Hi Nate,


As Glenn pointed, it's better to see your photos directly into the post, you can use Imgur , Google Photos as well or any app of your preference. Here a couple of links:



Cheers  :salute:


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1 hour ago, TKSpartan said:

A quick suggestion is about your Ab to kidney rivets, they should be painted white the same for the thigh ammo pack rivets







Thanks for this. I double checked. They are painted white... but to be honest could’ve used a second coat. I’ll touch them up. 

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I think you should be okay for basic but here are a few suggestions to help improve your overall look:

  • The biggest thing is to make sure that your chest plate stays overlapping on your ab. This is a requirement for basic. When you submit your final photos, ensure that no gap is visible here and that even after moving around, your chest overlaps your ab.
  • I agree with Mark above that your thigh ammo pack is riveted very close to the edge of the pack however I'm not sure what you can do about this without getting a new one. Making a hole and filling the old one will probably not be a good option because they would be very close together but it's something to watch for.
  • Watch out for sniper knee lock. Wear your thighs as high as you can and consider adding some foam to help push out the left knee and avoiding it getting caught in the thigh. I would suggest reinforcing this area as well to prevent cracking.
  • In your action photo, it looks like you have some strapping sticking out of your thigh, so make sure your connections are all secure.
  • In the same photo, your left bicep looks like it's rotating. If you don't have strapping between shoulder bells and biceps, it's a good idea to help keep your look more consistent.
  • Your shoulder straps look like they may not be quite touching your back plate, so you may want to curve them a little more with a hot water bath and/or adding the optional elastic straps to help hold them down.

Mostly minor stuff! You'll be trooping in no time!

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Shoulders are a bit far out in the first photo, it does happen when trooping but make sure it looks perfect for the submission photos. And be careful for your knee guard to not get caught under the thigh.. not a fun repair.


I don’t see any problem getting basic approval aslong as you take your time to get the photos well. Good luck!

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