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Screen printed Stormtrooper helmet decals: the long way

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Hi guys. It's been a while since my last thread here. Been busy by others projects, personnal life, etc... you know what I mean.


Props missed me so I decided to get back to an old project.


By the past, I made some screen printed decals for some stormtroopers and TIE pilot helmets in the accurate way. But it was a very very long process and a little bit painfull.

I improved the way to create those decals. Still not perfect (but the screen used decals weren't ^^) but I guess better.


As you can see on the pics below, ESB style (which appears on ESB stunt, MKII and ROTJ V1) is different from ROTJ style (which appears on ROTJ V2, stunt and "Hero").

Shape and color.


For the ESB style, I used reference pictures and close up of screen used helmet and corrected the shape since it's curved on the helmet and that I needed the shape flat.

For ROTJ style, I used a resin cast of a screen used ROTJ helmet (those call Hero ROTJ) which was casted with its original decals.

The blue stripes are the same for both (I used the ROTJ shape).





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Thanks for your interest guys.


I have to consider to make them available. I will print several set in order to be sure (yes unfortunately I have some fails).


The main trouble is: what would be a decent price for a set (considering that shipping won't be cheap and only made by tracked mail).

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Definitely interested in a set, especially if you can make ESB ones that fit an Anovos helmet properly. Complete decal sets usually run in the $20-25USD range, if that helps!

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1 hour ago, FTL900 said:

Perhjaps partner with someone in the US that can make these locally and avoid the overseas shipping costs??

I don't think he get's on here that often, last time he posted was May so this could be a dead thread

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