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  1. I don't have a 501st profile or TK number. I have a partially assembled RS Propmaster suit with accessories that I'm trying to sell. I didn;'t finish it so I wasn't certified.
  2. I'm sad to report that this build is coming to an end. Due to advancing age and other health concerns, I realized that I won't be able to stand for 1-3 hours, and I can't easily sit in a TK suit. For that reason and others, I'll be selling my RS Props suit, partially completed, along with an ESB blaster and a ANH blaster, and the voice comm kit for the helmet. I have loads of money in this and don't expect to recoup it all, but it needs to go. I've requesteed access to the sales section so I can post it there. It'll be local pickup only in Las Vegas, due to shipping cost and size.
  3. I trimmed off the back bottom of the helmet to even that oout and it helped a lot with getting it on. Then I've been touching up and retouching the vocoder and ears paint. Still a work in progress.
  4. Super advice, thanks! I edited the title successfully. RS Props does give you a second set of ears... and the worst one on the helmet IS the second one. For some reason, I kept 'doing something wrong' and ending up with that large gap over the curve. The back is worse. I contemplated thinning the top of the ear to make the bottom match, and decided it was not a good plan as they're pretty thin already. I still have the other one (first one I trimmed) but I'm not sure it's usable since it has a similar gap across that curved area. The vocoder paint does need some touch-up... thanks for the detailed suggestions, I'll work on rounding those and cleaning it up. Ears need a little cleaning up as well.
  5. I don't know where I got that "AM" from when I started this thread, it's an RS Propmasters kit. Perhaps I was thinking of ANH... I dunno.
  6. Thanks for the CRFL link!! Good advice on removing the rubber strip, I can see that the bottom rear edge isn't cut evenly. I think it needs to be cut more like this... Additional pictures...
  7. Here's what I'm up against. I can get the helmet on, but only very carefully. Also here you can see the side pretty well. Is it an issue if I remove half an inch or so from each side?? The CRL was referenced.... where can I find that, so I know what is required and what I can play with a little bit. If needed, I can pop that out and add some glue in there to hold it in place.
  8. I got the stripes added, and when trying on my helmet, it seems like a snug fit to get it over my head. And I don't have any electronics in it yet- only green lenses and a cloth fabric behind the grill. When i turn the helmet sideways, my head just kinda barely fits into it. I have a normal sized head (7 1/8) so I'm wondering if I'm missing something, or if I need to disassemble the front and rear shell and try to eke a little more space out of it.
  9. Thanks, that helps a lot!! I had kinda figured out the stripe direction but I appreciate your verification!
  10. The ebay guy came through and sent me ANH decals. I'm putting the helmet decals on, and trying to understand how many tube stripes are supposed to be on each side. Ignoring Mr. No-Stripe guy in the movie, I'm seeing a lot of different numbers, sometimes on the same helmet, but different number of stripes side to side. Is there an accepted number of stripes for each side, and should both sides be the same number?? I'm seeing everything between 12 stripes and 15 stripes. Also my RST helmet seems to have less horizontal space for stripes on the left side....?
  11. Thanks, I realized that after i ordered them, so I messaged the ebay seller (Trooper Bay) and asked them to subsititue ANH decals instead. ESB?? I'm aiming for the base level of approval here...
  12. The helmet shell is assembled, and it's ready for paint. Are decals such as these acceptable?? My thinking is I'll have a better outcome with applying decals than i will hand-painting it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/231413859484
  13. I'm finally making a little progress on this. Both forearms are completed, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Both biceps are finsihed.... except for this small problem. The very first piece i assembled, right side bicep, is measured for girth pretty much correctly, but somehow I ended up with cut lines at an angle, so cover strip is at an angle. I used Devcon plastic welder, so I don't think it's going to come apart easily. I'm brainstorming the best way to remedy this. My current thought is to carefully grind off the cover strip. I bought a small belt sander and it's a lifesaver for adjusting ends and edges. Belt sander from Harbor Freight with the extended warranty. Having the top flat belt, the rounded end on the top right, and the circular disc sanding area work really well for a lot of things. I attached it to a shop vac from the port in the back, but I still get snow everywhere. I'll have to open the shop vac to see how much it's really helping.
  14. Not painting it. Good idea abou the slurry, I have lots of abs scraps left over. I use this DEVCON 2 part epoxy that's incredible for ABS motorcycle parts. Dries light colored buy not white, so it'll be an inside-only job. I tried the JB WELD brand once.... it didn't bond at all, and I threw it away.
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