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Stormtrooper question


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Hello and welcome aboard, lots of info in the Getting Started Section. You may also want to reach out to a garrison close to you, there may already be visits happening from Star Wars costumers in your area and we tend not to step on other costume groups areas ;) You can find a list of garrisons here https://www.501st.com/members/displayUnits.php

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Hello and welcome to FISD.


It's best of you reach out to your local Garrison first as Glen said.


We have a vetted vendor list here you might want to look at the pinned post on the getting started section first. Price varies depends on how you want your set (DIY or fully finished). Please take some time and go through them and you will have a better idea on whom to approach.



Good luck.

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Hi Kenneth and welcome to FISD.

Hopefully you have also had a look at the CRL's (Costume Reference Library), these list in both words and images, the requirements of each costume to meet 501st approval.

You will see there are 3 levels, Basic which is what will get you to approval in the Legion, plus two higher levels which are not required but up to the individual if they seek slightly higher accuracy of their costume.

Here's the link to our CRL's


Don't forget if you are ever confused or have any questions, we have plenty of very experienced Troopers here who are eager and read to assist.




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