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Accurate E-11 Model with Light/Sound for 3D printing


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Hi all, I just spent about 100 hours modeling an E-11 for 3D printing and giving it away for free.


I made it as true to life as I could as well as adding in support for light and sound elements.


It has:


- Working trigger/selector with light and sound changes by mode

- Light up scope

- Addressable LED fire effects with focusing LED on front, range is about 10M with indoor light, not a laser so eye safe

- 3D printed spring with cycling bolt

- Removable magazine with battery inside

- Removable rear cap with D ring mount

- 3W speaker, as big as I could get to be heard in noisy areas

- Plays the imperial march when you hold the selector for 3sec

- discreet wiring guides, no wires are visible or in the way

- Stock folds out and locks in place

- All major parts are removable via snap lock or screws, so you can upgrade or replace anything without a full rebuild (and get at the electronics)


I'm trying to improve the model as much as possible so feedback and suggestions would be appreciated. If anyone wants a custom TK number on the Hengstler let me know and I'll model one for you.

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I'm going to do up a V3 one next week, it's already printed in a box. I'm considering doing a video on assembly and wiring depending on how busy work gets, but a 'how to' pic build guide is coming at least. 

- the vector image of the sight. To make it I printed this on some transparency and airbrushed one side red lightly
- the Arduino code, it's a WIP but it does work. I have another direct drive version for the front emitter rather than the neo-pixel, I started off with a 3W LED, but I think neo-pixels are more ubiquitous. If you want the 3W version let me know.

- The circuit diagram. I think I have everything labeled. Everything with gnd can be connected together as well as +5v. The 7805T is a step down from a 7.4Lipo, but you can just as easily step up from 3.7. V4 will have that as well as USB direct charging.


edit: in the diagram ignore 'imp btn', that's from V1 where the imperial march had it's own button, it's now a long press of the fire select, and the fire LED is 3 pin now for the addressable light strip. I'll post a detailed parts list and guide next week.


E-11 Circut Diagram.jpg



E11_Sight.svg E11blaster_V1a.ino

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On 2/7/2020 at 11:40 AM, KeeptheBOX said:

Hey Chris what happend to your fils. Wanted to download them but couldnt find them anymore on Thingiverse.

I'm in the same boat, too. I saw them when they were first released, but unfortunately didn't download them at the time.

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