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Close to complete: still down a neck seal but did an unofficial troop at work (a high school yesterday). 


Only had a half an hour window, that we stretched to about 45 minutes, so I had to suit-up quickly... and unknowingly had a drop box tucked into my armor. All that aside, here's my favorite photo:



and here's a couple photos of me shooting hoops:




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First off, is the call for reading a children's book:


In the end, I don't think that this one will be used for the Legion's promotion because I screwed up and didn't use a Disney book - but this shoot included many book changes, a costume change, and close to a meltdown from myself so I want to show it off. Plus I do like how it turned out.


The next is a PSA I created for my students:


This was fun project for the whole family during lockdown.


And finally, I took the dog for a walk


This last one was by far the best thing I've done since the quarantine started - a lot of smiles and waves. 


Stay healthy and safe!

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