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  1. First off, is the call for reading a children's book: In the end, I don't think that this one will be used for the Legion's promotion because I screwed up and didn't use a Disney book - but this shoot included many book changes, a costume change, and close to a meltdown from myself so I want to show it off. Plus I do like how it turned out. The next is a PSA I created for my students: This was fun project for the whole family during lockdown. And finally, I took the dog for a walk This last one was by far the best
  2. Was asked to do this for work: Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe.
  3. Submitted for Approval: Front: Right: Right - Arms Up: Back: Left: Left- Arms Up: Abs: Stormtrooper:
  4. Close to complete: still down a neck seal but did an unofficial troop at work (a high school yesterday). Only had a half an hour window, that we stretched to about 45 minutes, so I had to suit-up quickly... and unknowingly had a drop box tucked into my armor. All that aside, here's my favorite photo: and here's a couple photos of me shooting hoops:
  5. The kidney plate looks off because we flattened a return edge - when we started the build, I was around 230 lbs. and we thought that we were going to need shims. I'm down to 195 now and don't need the shims I think that the flattening is causing them to look misaligned but, with having to lengthen the front of my torso too because of my height, the back would be hanging way too low. When building, we (mostly I) were worried about gaps and wanted to address that first. As for the unneeded shims - I should've lost the weight before the build. Thank you for the
  6. Work from today: Getting close!
  7. Awesome! Thank you for this!
  8. Been a while without an update... have been working on the build and making progress:
  9. Hey, Normally, I'm very hesitant to do these kinds of builds but, for some reason, I'm being a big chicken for this one... could be because I can't get replacement parts or that I didn't receive instructions from Anovos (I've since downloaded them)… I am really skittish about diving -in. I know that a lot of the problem is that I didn't do my due diligences with the research but I'm only doing rough cuts because my ability-level is very low. That said, having fun with the slow build while I work on a couple things on my Vaders.
  10. Probably not much room for error though... that's why I have enlisted help for my build. Thanks for the encouragement!
  11. Have to stick with the Anovos - already in-hand and was able to get it by chance.
  12. Probably going to be a slow build but have some progress to share: After trimming various parts, the biceps are now glued: And the Thermal Detonator is completed: Probably going to keep this at level 1 depending on how much upgrades are... I have a lot invested in two Vaders and wanted a cheaper, and less stressful, build.
  13. I've always wanted to by a TK (preferably ANH) so I get it. One thing I do have to catch-up with around here is the acronyms
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