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  1. Hey, Normally, I'm very hesitant to do these kinds of builds but, for some reason, I'm being a big chicken for this one... could be because I can't get replacement parts or that I didn't receive instructions from Anovos (I've since downloaded them)… I am really skittish about diving -in. I know that a lot of the problem is that I didn't do my due diligences with the research but I'm only doing rough cuts because my ability-level is very low. That said, having fun with the slow build while I work on a couple things on my Vaders.
  2. Probably not much room for error though... that's why I have enlisted help for my build. Thanks for the encouragement!
  3. Have to stick with the Anovos - already in-hand and was able to get it by chance.
  4. Probably going to be a slow build but have some progress to share: After trimming various parts, the biceps are now glued: And the Thermal Detonator is completed: Probably going to keep this at level 1 depending on how much upgrades are... I have a lot invested in two Vaders and wanted a cheaper, and less stressful, build.
  5. I've always wanted to by a TK (preferably ANH) so I get it. One thing I do have to catch-up with around here is the acronyms
  6. My first choice was RS Props but wasn't in the cards. Good luck to you too.
  7. Looking forward to these... the Vader boots are incredible.
  8. At 6'1", I make a 6'5" Vader (that's pretty respectable... only 4 inches shorter than the screen version). You could get closer with lifts - I can't because I have no arches and wouldn't be able to make it through the troop (as I mention in my build thread) but others do and the general rule is to not go over three inches for safety. So do I look short? There are some pretty tall people out there so sometimes but, as for all builds, you work with what you have. I mention - tongue-in-check - for three reasons: referencing ANH, everyone that I meet tells me to do a death trooper instead, and (most importantly) I'm using an Anovos kit that is only supposed to fit up to six foot. I was told that others were able to make it work but I'm a worrier and will relax when it's done. Hoping others around here, over six foot, have had positive experiences building an Anovos kit. Which kit do you use?
  9. Was able to acquire an Anovos set and, since there's no way to replace SNAFUs, am a little bit nervous with this build. Manbehindthemask is currently assisting with this build and is doing a lot of the heavy-lifting. Also, as stated in my welcome post, I am 6'1" and my armor is designed for up to 6'... a little nervous about undertaking this project so the help is much needed. I've spent way too much money on an ANH and a RO Vader builds so, if I try to spend a lot on this one, my wife will probably leave me. Since I've done almost no research at this point, my list is short: Armor : Anovos Boots : Caboots Right now, Ryan and I are trimming the armor to size and I ordered my boots from Caboots because they're the ones that made my Vader boots and they are awesome - I have problems with my feet and standing for long periods... I am able to troop in my Vader boots without pain and without my prescribed insoles. Other than that, I'll add to my list as I go along. Thanks for reading and for any help or suggestions you have for me.
  10. Requesting 501st Trooper Access please. SL88222 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22976
  11. Hi, my name's Don and I'm building a TK. I have been trooping with Garrison Excelsior for going on three years as ANH Vader and acquired an Anovos TK kit. Since I am 6'1", I have little room for error with this build so I've recruited Manbehindthemask to assist (he's actually doing the brunt of the work and, for that, I am very grateful). I've always been interested in three costumes: Vader, TK, and Boba Fett. Not sure if Fett will ever be in the cards but am excited about being able to troop as the other two.
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