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EVA foam RO TK build

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Hi all! I just wanted to show off the progress on my EVA foam Rogue One TK build.





This is all I have so far.  I am using a Black series helmet.  I do have a EVA foam helmet, but it looks more like a OT helmet than a RO.





This is my chest plate. It's made out of 8 pieces of EVA foam, not counting the shoulder tabs.  I filled in all the seams with wood filler, then coated it in Kwik Seal to keep it from cracking.  The back of the plate is coated in paper mache to keep it rigid.






This is the back of the shoulder tabs.  Sorry for the blurry pic.  Note the slits for the shoulder straps to insert.





This is the back plate.  I made sure to add the indent on the top of the box.  I will be adding the shoulder tabs and the hole in the right top corner soon.





Here is the ab/kidney plate.  I still need to add a few more details.  I need to make the cover plate in the back too.




Side view.



I'll continue to post my progress.  Thank you all!   









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I've made some progress.  I started on the arms, but I'm having a little trouble sizing the forearms.  I know there is supposed to be some space between my arm and the armor,  but I think I might have made the piece too big. 








Does it look too big to you all?

Bty The cover strip was starting to pop up on one side.  That's why it didn't look straight.


Thanks in advance for any replies.:)



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Very ambitious, nice work, you can refer to the CRL (costume reference library) for specific details, RO is here


Also have a look through RO build section and build threads, they can be found here


Good luck with the rest of the build

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I refitted the forearms and made the biceps.  I made the shoulder bells, but they were too small.  I'll have to remake them.









I also started making a R1 E-11.  




Here's what I have so far.  Still have quite a bit to do.  It's a PVC pipe with EVA foam wrapped around it.  


I carved the details of the grip in with a X-acto knife.  I used a dremel to get all the rounded details.


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Here's more progress on the E-11.  I added to the main body,  and started making the scope and Hengstler counter.


Here it is! 



Unfortunately, I was unable to find something sturdy enough to use as the scope rail without support.  So I just used EVA foam. 

I used a stick from a sucker for the D-ring.  I'm still trying to figure out how to drill the holes.  A drill tears up the foam, and all the dremel bits I have, don't go through the PVC pipe.  It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be.  I looked up the length of a Sterling submachine gun and cut a pipe to that length.  I then made the rest of the pieces to scale with the pipe.


Thank you!  



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I've added the scope, counter, and T-tracks to the E-11.  And I messed up on all of them!:laugh1: I'm going to remove the scope rail, and replace it with a more detailed and accurate one.

I put a t-track where the scout light should go, so I'll have to remove that too. The scope feet are also too simplistic.








Here you can see the inaccurate scope feet, and lack of a Hengstler counter mounting bracket. 




After I fix those mistakes, I'll start adding the smaller details and pieces.  Like the counter power cylinders, screws for the folding stock, ect. 

I hope I can have it finished (aside from painting) in the next couple of days, so I can start work on my T-21:D





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I started working on a pauldron today.  I looked up the measurements and cut it to that length.  I realize that I will look bigger with the the armor and helmet, but it still looks rather big on me.  What do you all think?



Here's it by my hand for scale.


It's around 16 inches long at the moment.  When I set it on my outstretched arm, it goes from my neck all the way to my elbow.   I'm going to paint it orange by the way. 

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I'm considering making a new Anthology helmet out of EVA foam, instead of using the Black series one.  Though the Black series helmet is very good, it still has a lot of inaccurate details and proportions.




Here you can see the problems.  Obviously the brow is too high.  And the cap should extend past the face plate a little.  The Black Series cap is almost in perfect line with the face plate.  Resulting in it looking disproportionate from the side.  


Here are the changes that I will make with my new helmet:

  • The face plate will be more inset
  • The brow will be lower
  • The vocoder will be made out of vacuum line hose
  • The neck trim will all be one piece.
  • The traps and tears will be separate from the helmet.
  • The tube stripes will be cut into the helmet.
  • There will be no seam between the cap and the back.
  • The lenses will be darker.
  • The teeth will be completely separate from the rest of the helmet.
  • The ''chin" will have a visible seam separating it from the rest of the face plate.

The Black Series Helmet is a great display piece and It will help me size the new helmet I'm going to make.  But it would be very hard to make all those changes to it.

Feel free to point out any other differences that I missed.



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I made some headway over the past week.  Here is what I've done.



Here are my Hand guards.  



I wanted to do a step by step for one of my armor pieces.  Here's how I did the shoulder bells.



Here's the basic foam cutout and the other finished shoulder bell.  It took me four tries to get the right shape and size. 




First I did some pre-shaping by stretching it.




Then I glued the slit together with hot glue.




As you can see, this is still a pretty rough shape.





So I trimmed it to size and used a Dremel to sand down the seam.




Then I glued on the ridge.  





I glued a piece of cardboard cut from a cereal box to the inside of the piece.  It helps to retain it's shape.



Then I sanded the edges down with a Dremel.  





Finished!  All I have left to do is fill in the seams on the ridges!













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I'm working on the boots too.  I tried to make FOTK boots out of EVA foam, but it didn't work.  I going to try getting a pair of slip-on shoes from the thrift store, then use some white vinyl I have laying around to make the boots.  I'm tempted to make Tank trooper boots instead though.  They should have been used for the R1 TKs




 These are IB's. They are so cool!  And they weren't even seen on screen! :angry:


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