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  1. hi all ive been trying to find out the correct size tube for the above ive seen people using 2 inch tube up to 3.75 inch tube........whats correct anyone plz ? thanks
  2. what's the head size in mms please
  3. what is the actual head size of the pan head screws in mm's ??......................thanks
  4. hi all, any tips on how to make the snipers knee fit, big gaps so im stumped.......thanks https://imgur.com/FKDR6r1 https://imgur.com/QEjwoYT https://imgur.com/5WYZIEF
  5. hi, nice work..how did you get knee plate to fit so well plz ?
  6. nice work, how did you get the knee plate to fit so well plz ?
  7. welcome...heading to texas for summer hols this year
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