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Force Unleashed Phase III StormClone Armor

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17 minutes ago, DeltaReynolds said:

So a bit of an update: Since my last post, work started back up in office so I've been pretty busy, unable to do anything costuming related. BUT with the year coming to a close soon, and with some more time on my hands, I'll hopefully have this beauty painted by 2021 (or before January ends if that doesn't work out)! My RotJ E-11 blaster has also shipped so that's something I'm waiting on too. After that it's just waiting on the armor from 850 to get the build finished (I've also started work on a custom Mando that should keep me busy till then hopefully). I know interest in the helmet files are there, but I have my own concerns on putting them up for sale that I have to think on (since two of us had this commissioned, but never really discussed if this could be sold or not, but I'm the only one still working on it), so we will see. But I do want to release it and let other people build and show off their own Triton Troopers. This trooper I feel deserves more recognition and more spot in the limelight :td: I'll update on my paint progress soon! 

Glad to see you are back working on this project Eric, it will look awesome once finished.

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Painted the grey on the ears and upper back areas. currently working on the teeth (which have been a pain to tape off), then to paint the brow and neck rims black (I'll post pics once both are done). Also, I'll be releasing the Rogue One inspired versions of the helmets for free, which were modeled for me by my friend Skylu3D. Use and edit them how you like, but remember to credit :smiley-sw013: Once everything with my current helmet file is figured out, that will be released (either for buying or free).


Phase 3 Rogue One v1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hn6QW9nAtP4bhwhC6u8QJ_XPwJKvFmqX/view?usp=sharing



Phase 3 Rogue One v2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a0L2xgB-zXguqfX7KxO4bOqxAoYOJ2Lp/view?usp=sharing


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