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  1. I have no idea what program the original helmet mesh was made in, though it was made by Skylu3D. If you were asking that. XD
  2. Blender. I believe AnnoyingPanMann uses Substance Painter for texturing. Render I made.
  3. Another good reference. Very nice renders. Personally I would make those upper leg gap adjustments from the live action suits so you could actually sit if wearing this armor. I also should be starting my build by February if all goes to plan. This is indeed a website about building armor. 2023 is the year Triton gets cosplayed. Anyone know if a live action Clone CRL is out?
  4. I also commissioned Mandalorian Business to create realistic renders. He's taking his time as he's talented and busy. His belt and stomach armor looks really nice. Link to a WIP he posted up shows that. I'll be leaning towards his interpretation of the belt as it fits the concept art and can be quickly modified to fit the game by moving the pouch things. https://www.instagram.com/p/ClW1UfYqSLH/
  5. I have done a lot just trying to pump up awareness of the design. It has indeed helped as I see more discussions, art, etc. If anything I could create a step by step process and have it hosted on Google Drive or Icedrive. My main issue is ADHD or being broke. I have a 3D printer and I will get to it, but it might be like 3 months away. lol I don't know the strictness of these forums, the 501st Legion (group), or whether my desired build would be tolerated. Ideally I want a 'realistic' take on the game design. I want to take elements from the Live Action Clone Troopers from Kenobi and Andor, the movies, the concept art for TFU and the actual TFU model. Considering how much is Clone based, I would follow a Clone CRL and then tweak it. Helmet, shoulder pads, stomach, groin, belt, knee ammo pack and knee pad being the key differences I can recall. Does it fall under CT or TK? Well it's an Imperial Clone. It falls under Imperial, Post RotS and Post Phase 2, but it just so happens to be a Clone. Anything Post Phase 2 I would consider as a "TK", but then again I have zero say.
  6. Triton Squad is now in Jedi Fallen Order! https://icedrive.net/s/1YRfaDPbF9WaD71QQSCGSQTuzwuW
  7. Accidentally rendered it as RGB and not RGBA, but here you go. Also with a Night Ops Trooper. I'll have the Thrawn guy up on my icedrive within 30 minutes. It's in the Phase 3 style. Though I may make a mockup of an exact rendition of that Thrawn illustration.
  8. It's interesting. Those guys look like Stormtroopers with Phase 2 Clone helmets. Shoulder pads are Marshall Commander pads(like Commander Cody) but without the groves, but the rest of the body is 100% Stormtrooper. While the helmet color is orange(might me lighter than 212th), it's more in the shape of the 501st stripe but with the white between the visor and headband like with some of the 327th Star Corps. There's also that one with the orange knee, I'm assuming he's higher rank.
  9. White, 501st, Shock and 212th are now done and in the link above. 501st and 212th side by side.
  10. Someone got mad I used fair use by using a slither of their normal map texture for the body glove and with credit. Rest of the textures are custom or vanilla. Fair use doesn't seem to exist. Weird. All my mods are in my icedrive. Here's the link, again: https://icedrive.net/s/6xjGAG267W2yfgX6BA6jBjzfBf2h
  11. I released the updated mod. Edit: My mod has been taken down and my account has been deleted. So my mods are here: https://icedrive.net/s/6xjGAG267W2yfgX6BA6jBjzfBf2h
  12. Looks so much better. Thanks again, everyone here. This remaster also has texturing on the mic pieces and mouth mesh. A lot of stuff I learned the first time around I corrected with this.
  13. I was just shocked that none of the Triton Squad lines from the PS2, PSP, WII versions of TFU have been extracted. I'm pretty google savvy and couldn't find anything. I am hoping to do some animations with the lines, but Temuera is still my go to for Clones. I do have a bunch of Temuera Morrison lines that I unearthed from both Battlefronts if anyone needs them. Even the cut campaign objectives. Here is the campaign objectives(in order):
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