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  1. Do you have any specific social media that I could follow to keep up to date? I personally don't care about 501st approval, I care more on the helmet and accuracy of it. Would love to suit up as these dudes.
  2. The forehead in the recreation protrudes too much. I think you should lift the face forward a bit. Look at the side references. Anyway, my sperginess brought me here and I would love to cosplay as a Triton Squad Phase 3 501st Clone Stormtrooper from the Force Unleashed Wii/PS2/PSP Kashyyyk. That's a mouthful! Anyway, if you could post a link to that model file, whether for free or purchase, that would be epic. I want one of those Etsy helmet gurus to print one out for me... eventually when my wallet regenerates.
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