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  1. nice! I could suggest gen1 TK and Final Order trooper too
  2. I guess they got all jelly about your mod. I will have to dl the mod when I get to my PC shortly. It is for Battlefront II yes? I may have to reinstall it again
  3. no idea how to do that but maybe you can try clipping audio from youtube playthrough videos
  4. Since the shoulder pad I made previously was a remix of a scout trooper shoulder and was too thin at small scales for action figure use I decided to make a new version from scratch: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5414220 shoulder by kraggy2011, on Flickr It comes in standard and extra thick versions and scaled for 1:12, 1:6 and 1:1 shoulder2 by kraggy2011, on Flickr I also updated all my older Phase 3 armour models to include scaled versions (many were unscaled).
  5. yeah, concept art version, game version and rots live action style version. 3 cool looks. EDIT: so who is gonna make a new CRL? I am sure someone here wants to be first
  6. obviously just as with the belt the concept art of the knee is not the same as the game model. Game accurate knee is unique, concept art knee is clone style. concept art belt has 3 front boxes, game accurate has 5. I think we can separate the designs as you are to concept art version and game version, 2 different but valid versions of the trooper. When I get to making figures I may do both a game accurate one and concept art version. would need to somehow widen the helmet for concept art version of course. Maybe have concept art version all white while game accurate in 501st colours Edit again: I just noticed Degial backpack side pipe is too long and has a white piece the game version backpack doesn't. That makes Skylu's the better interpretation. he also made the ammo pouches really small.
  7. Images curtesy of Steve Stamatiadis (director of the game). great reference material. The game model especially while the concept art should help show intention for any unclear areas too low poly to make out. FRjjJIaaIAAT7fg by kraggy2011, on Flickr svgstv1r.jpg by kraggy2011, on Flickr _QCxqPk4.jpg by kraggy2011, on Flickr nGFbqdkt.jpg by kraggy2011, on Flickr FRjjLOlakAEsIUo by kraggy2011, on Flickr FRjjKmjakAE-KMP by kraggy2011, on Flickr Also, the game was re-released for Switch, I think great opportunity for replay and of course reference screenshots! How many of you all got it? last time I played it was on Wii so I think it high time I played it again on my Switch.
  8. looking good! looking like a stormtrooper despite being mostly clone parts is the really interesting thing about it. It really screams Empire which is fitting given that they are Imperial clones. It s why I love them so much! The buttons being hidden is a given due to the longer ROTS style chest reaching the belt so maybe it doesn't need altering. As for colour of buttons, on screen the game ones seem to be dark grey and concept art has them as grey. I would go dark grey.
  9. As for the eventual 1:6 figure (when I can finally 3D print again... some day) I am still thinking about what blaster I would use. If going by what looks good and is correct for the very early Empire, I think standard clone DC15S would look good or the ROTS DC15-X (the DC15 A/S hybrid from the 501st temple march during order 66) but obviously neither blaster was used by the Phase 3 clones in TFU so it would not be accurate. Inaccurate but cool. If going by game devs intention then ANH style E-11 is likely accurate to what they intended but doesn't match the in game look since the game model blasters were HUGE. That leads me to the 3rd and most game accurate option: An oversized E-11 (call it early Empire proto-E11) in which case I could probably just use the oversized E-11 blasters from my old 90's Kenner 12 inch figures since they were suitably massive. It would give them new life: instead of obsolete oversized "parts box" filler they would be TFU proto E-11's. What are the opinions of all ye?
  10. knee ammo boxes scaled and uploaded (1:1, 1:6, 1:12) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5410530 will scale and load the left knee after sleep
  11. Degial seems to have missed the second fastener/button on the pauldron and there are too many stripes on the black section. Skylu's pauldron (from the Imperial Navy Commander Officer model) has no fastener/button but does have fewer stripes. Both have what I consider great interpretations of the backpack. EDIT: just noticed that Degial made the middle button on the belly square, when it should be round. otherwise it looks correct to my eyes. Don't feel bad about not having finished painting helmet let alone full armour, I have yet to make anything physical (recently became a dad so I can't have resin fumes from 3D printer in the room for time being and I do not have an FDM printer yet so for now all I can do is try to self learn CAD in the little spare I have and dream of making the 1:6 phase 3 clone figure I have wanted for so long. I won't even consider a costume until have that done.
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