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TK98311 Requesting ANH stunt EIB status (AP) [735]

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Name:  Peter Flockton

FISD Name:  Heinous

501st ID:  98311

Garrison:  Terra Australis Garrison




Armour: AP (authentic Props)

Helmet: AP

Blaster: Doopy Doos.

Height: 5'8" (172cm)

Weight: 73kg (160lbs)

Neck Seal: Imperial Supply Depot

Elexctronics: QFX amp and mic.


Left side helmet: Left%20%20helmet_zpss0hickg7.jpg


Right side helmet: Right%20side%20helmet_zpsiuakug2c.jpg

Helmet back: Rear%20helmet_zpsxn6jcoyb.jpg

Helmet front: Helmet%20front_zpsjj5tl9oh.jpg

Helmet mic tip: Hovi%20mic_zps00qreqmt.jpg

Helmet lense colour: 20161210_162642_zpsbgm6y9df.jpg

Helmet edging : Helmet%20edging_zpsfw3ptvwy.jpg

Right leg knee: Right%20knee%20detail_zpsnmjibtvi.jpg

Left leg knee: Left%20knee%20Detail_zpscnabwjjg.jpg

Blaster right side: Blaster%20right_zps40vpye9n.jpg

Blaster left side: Blaster%20Left_zpsvjxb5wtx.jpg

Ab plate detail: Ab%20detail_zps2diwrhef.jpg

Cod plate attachment: Cod%20plate%20attachment_zpsujfaumvk.jpg

Butt plate attachment: Butt%20plate%20attachment_zpssy6h5cl0.jp

Butt plate to cod strap attachment: Butt%20plate%20strap%20to%20cod_zpsd0hjb

Internal strapping: Internal%20strapping_zpssiniwfhp.jpg

Belt Box: 20161210_161422_zps2l9cunqt.jpg

Holster attachment front: Holster%20attachment%202_zps40ehhxyo.jpg

Holster attachment rear: Holster%20attachment_zps2bf6msop.jpg

Full rear armour: Back_zpszqd5b0se.jpg

Left side detail arm raised: Left%20side%20detail_zpsbiis2aaf.jpg

Left side armed raised: Left%20side%20arm%20raised_zpsiqiqhtvz.j

Left side: Left%20side_zpsknlwoipe.jpg

Right side detail arm raised: Right%20side%20detail_zpszjl2x6fz.jpg

Right side arm raised: Right%20side%20arm%20raised_zpsm4uhragb.

Right side: Right%20side_zpsicladpqf.jpg

Front full: Front_zpscjfruvod.jpg

Neck seal: Neck%20seal_zpsrroo5yqw.jpg

Thermal Detonator: Thermal%20Detonator%20detail_zpsyxrxgxfl

Action Shot: Action%20shot_zpsmkecd41x.jpg

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Looking good Pete.

Can I please ask for a photo of the rear of your E11 showing the D ring and also a side on and front image of you kitted up with the holster attached to your brlt.


Many thanks and we will be with you as soon as we catch up on the backlog after being away for celebration. :)

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Hi Peter, very sorry for the delay


while having a look at your submission, we noticed the clips on your Thermal Det are sitting a little too far away from the end caps to meet the level 2 CRL as below.


If you can fix this, we are ready to post up your review.


For level two certification (if applicable):

  • Thermal detonator belt clips are positioned with little to no gap between the clips and the end caps.






Thanks for your understanding.

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OK. Thanks for taking the time to review. Appreciated

Can't fix that inaccuracy. Ends are pretty much welded on and the screws have nuts on them.


Onto other projects :)

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OK. Thanks for taking the time to review. Appreciated

Can't fix that inaccuracy. Ends are pretty much welded on and the screws have nuts on them.


Onto other projects :)

You could grind the heads off the screws, remove the brackets, grind the rest of the screw down to the pipe.  Re position the brackets , drill new holes and put new screws in. If you use some that dont require nuts you can Areldite them in, paint em black and your done.

You got this Pete, you are so close to that EI badge and its is definitely worth it.

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Looks like a "little" gap to me. Or is that defined as a "large" gap.



For level two certification (if applicable):
  • Thermal detonator belt clips are positioned with little to no gap between the clips and the end caps.


But rough Pete.... Great looking armour. Have fun trooping!

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I didn't build the suit. I have no skills. I can't get the end caps off to be able to get the screws out.

I'll try and buy a correct thermal detonator already made in the future when I can afford it.

Thanks guys.

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Hey Flocky, welcome back and thank you for your EIB application. Lets get you approved.
CRL and EIB Application Requirements:
All submission photos have been posted, your armour displays all necessary elements to qualify for Expert Infantry. Welcome and congratulations trooper!!   :salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section we review observations made by your fellow troopers and ourselves. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. If any suggestion affects any application, it will be listed separately in the above or below sections. We have a few suggestions that will help with the overall look of your armor,

Thank you for sorting out the Thermal Detonator, it looks spot on, well done, so lets look at the suggestions.

Your shoulder bridges, could use a little heat treatment, to curve them around. They will sit much flatter to the back plate for you, and reduce the risk of getting caught and cracking.






Just while we are on the shoulder area, it would be nice to see those shoulder bells brought in so they touch the bridges at the top. This can be as simple as shortening the connecting strap and it is done.




Reference  images




A couple of small details here on the Ab plates, that you might consider updating one day.

The larger plate traditionally has the outer skirt left on it as in the reference image below. The smaller plate, could be trimmed down so it sits with in the surface it is mounted too.

These are only suggestions.



Reference Image




This one is a very easy adjustment. The ammo belt should sit on the base of the main Ab button plate and even slightly overlap the bottom button. We think a tighten of the belt would have it sitting where it should.




reference Image




Centurion Suggestions:

In this section we prepare you for Centurion. If there are any areas of concern this is where they are discussed.

The thermal det was our only real standout and you fixed that up so you are in a good position to attack centurion

Please use the Photo reference chart and the Centurion guide and CRL, make sure you have everything ready, and all the required photos, then get that application in.





Congrats Peter, you look great :duim:

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Will update your title etc as soon as we rectify a few things from the Website upgrade, but rest assured, you are now Expert Infantry.

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Thank you for taking your time to review. I'm very happy I'm approved.

I can definitely fix get the shoulder bells closer and the belt sitting a tiny bit higher.

Ab buttons I'll work on after those two previous things are fixed up.


I'll start on my Centurion requirements in the CRL.


Once again thank you to you and FISD team for your efforts.


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