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  1. I found using my dremel the ABS melts and balls up. Maybe I'm cutting too fast? I was thinking of using lexan scissors on the 1.5mm. Score and snap method I've heard about. I'm would like an easy way to cut the parts that need a return edge and was thinking curved scissors might be good.
  2. What tools do you use to trim the ABS plastic? I want to get everything I need for starting my RS armour. Lexan scissors I've seen, curved and straight, on ebay but that's for the thinner plastic on RC cars. I've got 1.5mm ABS. Sand paper I've got. Thanks
  3. Me and a friend got a set of RS armour in the black friday sales and they came together in the same box. I've ended up with two outer right thighs and two left inner thighs. What other bits have a left and right side? I've got a bicep with thumb print for left side and there is not one for the right. I'm not sure about shins, forearms, shoulder bells or outer biceps. We got it mixed up and want to get the right parts for each set. Thank you.
  4. Thank you. That is great help. What a detailed thread. With short cut links to various sections. Incredible.
  5. OK I'll have a look at doing that. Before cutting and possibly not getting it looking like I hoped I will use black tape to replicate the undersuit to see it works. Thanks for replying.
  6. No one wants weigh in on the adjustment being allowed?
  7. This is what the thighs look like from the back normally.
  8. I would like to get a more accurate or better looking leg armour. It something that bugs me when I wear it. This is how I look normally wearing it I would like to reduce the size of the thigh armour. If I did this what is in the photo is that acceptable? I haven't cut anything yet only unstuck the E6000 and taped into position. There is a step at the top at the rear. Unsure if this is acceptable or if it isn't how to make it join up.
  9. 1. Peter 2. Flockton 3. TK 98311 4. A4 5. Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/98311-eib.png Thank you
  10. gmrhodes13 built my armour and helped with ideas on how to tweak it for EIB. Thanks Q.
  11. Aiden's third Birthday 22nd July 2017
  12. Thank you for taking your time to review. I'm very happy I'm approved. I can definitely fix get the shoulder bells closer and the belt sitting a tiny bit higher. Ab buttons I'll work on after those two previous things are fixed up. I'll start on my Centurion requirements in the CRL. Once again thank you to you and FISD team for your efforts.
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